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Clothing Accessories Crafts

Clothing Accessories Crafts
Handmade clothing accessories and jewelry pieces makes you look stylish. The clothing accessory craft work can help you in making designer bracelets, shoes, purse, belts and caps. Design your own belts, bracelets and purses and turn cheap stuff or trash into designer pieces that can be treasured for a long time. Based on your creativity as well as taste, you can give the clothing accessory crafts funky and cool look. Such clothing accessories can also make an excellent gift item for your friends. It is quite simple and easy to make and therefore, kids can very easily make these clothing accessories for their elderly family members.

Some of the popular and easily made clothing accessories are bracelets with gems, bridal shoes, duct tape purse, funky crocheted belt, graduation cap, safety pin bracelet jewelry, Sherlock Holmes hat and trash to treasure belt. A bridal shoe allows you to find exact match for your shade of wedding gown that you love so much. Graduation cap can be used as a prop for photographs or you can make it in an enlarged form to keep it as a table centerpiece for graduation party. The accessories have to be chosen depending upon the look you want. One should not forget that no wardrobe is complete without accessories. Therefore, check out the wonderful ideas given in the section and make beautiful clothing accessories crafts.

Bracelets with Gems
Believe it or not - women are never too young or too old to flaunt their jewelry. Right from kindergarten kids to young girls and old women, every female loves to adore herself with a piece of jewelry. Bracelets are one of the top picked options for females. While teenagers can make any kind of bracelets, for a kindergartner, the craft should be one that is extremely easy to make.

Bridal Shoes
Every bride wants to look gorgeous, right from the head and down to the toe, on her wedding day. In this context, the shoe also plays an important and prime role. By completing her accessories, they make her look more beautiful. However, many-at-times, getting bridal shoes in exactly the same shade as the dress is simply not possible.

Duct Tape Purse
In the present time, purse has ceased to be just a necessity, used by women for carrying various essential items, but also become a popular accessory, which females love to flaunt. The fashion buffs are especially keen about carrying different types of purses, matching their attire.

Funky Crocheted Belt
Very much in vogue, belt not only serves as a functional item, but also as a fashion accessory. While a wide variety of belts are available in the market, the homemade ones can add to the personal touch, especially when you are planning to present something unique to your loved one.

Graduation Cap
A graduation party can never ever be complete without one thing and that is none other than the graduation cap. A graduation gown, only when paired with a graduation cap, becomes the perfect outfit to celebrate your child’s achievement. The graduation day is a very special and big event for a person and therefore, you would want to make something for him/her, to commemorate the occasion.

Safety Pin Bracelet Jewelry
In case you are going to a party, but don't have the money to buy a gift, resorting to crafts is always the best option. One of the most inexpensive crafts comprises of a safety pin bracelet. Made mostly out of safety pins, it proves to be a very economical gift idea. Such bracelet is liked by kids, teen as well as ladies.

Sherlock Holmes Hat
If it is Father's Day or your brother's birthday and you want to gift him something different this time, then the idea of making a crochet hat, just like one that Sherlock Holmes used to wear, seems to be quite impressive. Making the hat requires some basic stitches, such as chain stitch, slipstitch, single crochet and double crochet.

Trash to Treasure Belt
Make a fashion statement with Venetian blinds weights. This rough and tough heavy-duty belt goes well as an accessory with jeans or your leather trousers. Tie it around your waist and show it off or gift it to your fashionable and yet sporty friends and earn the appreciation that you deserve.