Bracelet with gems is an easy accessory craft for kindergarteners and one of the jewelry crafts for kids.

Bracelet with Gems

Believe it or not - women are never too young or too old to flaunt their jewelry. Right from kindergarten kids to young girls and old women, every female loves to adore herself with a piece of jewelry. Bracelets are one of the top picked options for females. While teenagers can make any kind of bracelets, for a kindergartner, the craft should be one that is extremely easy to make. Using easy to get, inexpensive materials, your kid would surely love to boasts of her new possession. Also, the fact that she has made it the pretty accessory on her own would add to her happiness. The bracelet can also become beautiful party favors for kids' birthday parties or can be exchanged by kids, as friendship bracelets. Read on to know how to make jewelry crafts for kids.

Jewelry Craft For Kids

Things You Will Need:
  • Empty Cardboard Tube that Fits Kid's Hand
  • Gem Glue
  • Gemstones
  • Metallic Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Mark a straight line on one side of the cardboard tube.
  • Cut down the line using scissors.
  • Cut the tube in 1-inch rings.
  • Wrap the rings with pipe cleaners beginning from its one end.
  • Make sure that the end of the pipe cleaner is inside and that cardboard is fully covered with the pipe cleaner.
  • Now glue gemstones in any desired design to decorate the bracelets.
  • Let the glue dry and bracelets are ready to wear.