Making Graduation cap is one of the interesting Graduation party crafts. Learn how to make graduation cap table centerpiece here.

Making Graduation Cap

A graduation party can never ever be complete without one thing and that is none other than the graduation cap. A graduation gown, only when paired with a graduation cap, becomes the perfect outfit to celebrate your child�s achievement. The graduation day is a very special and big event for a person and therefore, you would want to make something for him/her, to commemorate the occasion. Why not make a graduation cap? Apart from serving as a gift, it can make a wonderful prop for graduation party activities. You can even make the cap larger enough to use it as table centerpiece for the graduation party dinner. Making a graduation cap is very easy as well as economical. Read on to explore the details.

How To Make Graduation Cap

Things You Will Need
  • Glue
  • Golden Marker
  • Paint
  • Poster Board
  • Stapler
  • Tassel
  • Cut out a strip of the poster board that is about five to six inches wide and long enough to go comfortably around your head.
  • Let both the ends of strip overlap for about an inch and staple them together.
  • Fold the bottom edge of the circle for about half an inch. Glue the folded edge of the circle on rest of the poster board.
  • Now you need to cut the large square out of the bottom of the poster board. Let it dry.
  • Paint the cap in school colors and once the paint dries, attach the tassel to one corner of the square.
  • Write the school/college year on the cap in golden letters and your graduation cap is now ready to wear.