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Dow Jones

Dow Jones & Company was founded by Edward Davis Jones, Charles Henry Dow and Charles Milford Bergstresser, in the year 1882, with the aim of providing the world's most vital business and financial news and information. It was started in a small basement office, at 15 Wall Street, New York. In the very first year of its establishment, the company started producing daily hand-written news bulletins, called ''flimsies', which were delivered by messenger to subscribers in the Wall Street area. In the same year, Dow Jones Newswires was founded.

In the year 1883, Dow Jones launched 'Customers' Afternoon Letter', followed by 'Dow Jones Indexes' and 'Down Jones Averages' (1884). Six years later, in 1889, 'Customers' Afternoon Letter' became the 'The Wall Street Journal'. The popularity of the paper started rising, as the time passed. Seven years after the launch of Wall Street Journal i.e. in 1896, 'Dow Jones Industrial Average' was officially launched, comprising of only industrial stocks. For the next few years, 'The Wall Street Journal' continued to grow and enjoy success.

It was in the year 1921 that another addition was made to the product offering of Dow Jones, with the launch of 'Barron's', America's premier financial weekly. The first issue of the Pacific Coast Edition of the Journal was rolled out eight years later, on 21st October 1929. The decade of 1930s saw Down Jones being incorporated in New York (1930) as well as the cessation of The Wall Street Journal's afternoon edition. In the following decade, Dow Jones established 'The Far Eastern Economic Review' (1946).

The year 1947 proved to be a memorable one in the history of Down Jones, with 'The Wall Street Journal' winning its first 'Pulitzer Prize (for editorials by William Henry Grimes). In 1970, Dow Jones took over the Ottaway newspaper chain. Three years after the take over, the company launched its first publishing venture in Asia 'The Far Eastern Economic Review' (1973). This was followed by the launch of 'Asian Wall Street Journal', in 1976. In 1979, The Wall Street Journal reached another milestone, by becoming the largest paid-circulation newspaper in America.

The decade of 1980s started on a prosperous note, with 'The Wall Street Journal Radio Network' being launched (1980). Hardly three years later i.e. in 1983, 'Wall Street Journal Europe' came into being. In 1988, 'Marketplace' became the Journal's second section, with 'Money & Investing' being the third section. With the onset of 1990s, 'The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition' was founded (1991). Soon after (in 1992), Dow Jones came out with SmartMoney, The Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business, in joint venture with Hearst Corp.

The year 1995 saw Dow Jones launching 'Money & Investing Update', which later came to be known as 'The Wall Street Journal Online at'. In the next year an alliance was formed between Dow Jones and NBC Universal, leading to the launch of CNBC. The rest of the 1990s witnessed STOXX Ltd (1998), The Wall Street Journal Sunday (1999), The Wall Street Journal Special Editions (1999), Factiva (1999), Vedomosti (1999) and Wall Street Journal Books (1999) being launched. With the dawn of the new millennium, Dow Jones unveiled 'Business Now' (2002), followed by Dow Jones NewsPlus (2003).

In 2003, Dow Jones acquired Technologic Partners and the Stockton Record (California). Soon after (in 2004), it founded Dow Jones Financial Information Services, acquired Alternative Investor, took over Germany's vwd-Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH and bought MarketWatch, Inc. The Wall Street Journal Office Network was launched in 2006, followed by Dow Jones full-ownership of Factiva. The following year, Dow Jones announced its merger agreement with News Corporation. Its much anticipated glossy lifestyle magazine, WSJ was launched in the next year (2008).

The Present
Dow Jones & Company has always prided itself on its accuracy, integrity and trust, since its launch in 1882. It serves as a benchmark, using which other organizations, involved in business news and financial news, measure themselves. With an employee base exceeding 7,000, each of them working hard with full dedication, the company aims at pursuing excellence in each and every one of its operations. Its flagship publication, The Wall Street Journal, today boasts of being the leading business publication of the world.

Products & Services

Consumer Media Group
Enterprise Media Group
Local Media Group
Coast-to-coast group owned by Dow Jones that publishes eight daily and 14 weekly community newspapers with Internet sites.

Strategic Alliances
Dow Jones Conferences & Events
Dow Jones has been known to sponsor conferences and events on a regular basis, with the aim of equipping the business community with information on a wide variety of subjects, including technology, venture capital and private equity. Of all the conferences and events, the most prominent one is 'D: All Things Digital' (by The Wall Street Journal).

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