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These party favor ideas will surely help you decide on picking up unique party favours for your guests.

Party Favors

These days, giving out party favors after a celebration is becoming a very popular tradition of sorts. Everyone wants to show courtesy to their guests and wants to make them feel special. At one point of time, party favors were given out only during a wedding or a bridal shower. But with passing time, the trend has caught up with the younger generation and party favors are given out after almost every celebration. We bring you unique party favor ideas that will help you decide what kind of party favors should be given out for which kind of party.

A party favor is basically a small gift that is given to the guests who attend your party. It is a token that shows your thankfulness and also serves as a souvenir that reminds people of the event that they had attended. You can also order personalized party favors for events like baby shower in which you can get the baby's photograph printed and write "Thanks" in big bold letters.

Some of the most common party favor gifts are:

Aroma candles
Aroma Candles are the most popular gift these days. Not only do they make beautiful decoration items but are also considered classy. If you are planning a gift for a new wedding couple, there could be nothing better than an aroma candle.

Candy box
Candies have always been the best gift for everybody. A beautifully packed box of candies also makes a wonderful party gift. If you want to give a personalized touch to the gift, you can pack the candies in the boxes designed by you.

Pens and or pen sets
Pen or Pen sets are also good gifts if you are gifting it to some student or professional. However be very selective about your pen choice. Always go for premium brands. You can accompany the pen set with some diary or novel.

Photo frames
Photo frames are a must in every home. So why not gift someone with the gift he can cherish forever. Though you can always go for the fancy photo frame available in the markets, if you have a good budget you can also go for silver photo frames which are in very demand these days.

Small wall hangings
It is always safe to gift some interior decoration item to someone when you can decide any other gift. Small wall hangings are available in various designs and are generally used in all the homes. So, gifting small wall hangings are also good options.

Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes are ideal gifts for a newly wed couple because not only they are beautiful they are also considered auspicious by many people. So let the positive air come in someone�s home through your auspicious gift, present a Wind Chime!