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Family reunion theme parties are the best way to bring out the creative streak in your relatives. Check out ideas for family reunion theme party.

Family Reunion Party Theme

Family reunion party is a special occasion filled with fun, excitement and thrill. It is fun, because you get to meet your far away acquaintances, your cousins, aunts and uncles, whom you haven't met since a long time. It is exciting and thrilling to explore the whereabouts of the distant relatives and the recent developments in their life, when they mark their presence at the party. It would be even more exciting, when you stick to a theme and decorate the venue accordingly. In case you really seem clueless about the perfect themes for your family reunion party, check out our suggestions given below.

Family Reunion Party Theme Ideas

A Special Occasion
Organizing a family reunion on a special occasion is a nice idea, because everybody, right from your parents and grandparents to the distant relatives, will be present to join you in the celebrations. It could be a birthday, the arrival of a new born baby or the 50th anniversary of your parents. You get to celebrate not just a milestone in one's life, but also organize the reunion with the perfect tone and theme. Depending upon the special occasion, decorate the venue with balloons, streamers, confetti etc.

Wild West Theme
The Wild West theme is perfectly suitable for a family reunion party. It gives you the opportunity to flaunt all those straight cut jeans and boots. Wear a cowboy hat and you are set to rock the Wild West family reunion party. Men can have a three-day-old stubble and their female counterpart can put on that red lipstick, to exude the perfect look. You may make a 'wanted' poster as the invitation for the party, specifying the details such as date, time and venue.

Extra Terrestrial
What about the funny extra terrestrial party theme? It would be the best bet to add the element of fun to your family reunion. Weird costumes, antennas sticking on the top of your heads, green faces, big eyes and anything that makes you look like you have just arrived from outer space, would definitely look very funny. Get your own little spaceship model and help in the party decor. Glow-in-the-dark stickers, cut-outs of flying saucers and wall hangings, can serve as the decoration items for the venue. With so many activities to indulge in, having an extra terrestrial theme party for your family reunion can be a lot of fun.

Circus Theme
Circus theme is one of the chosen themes for family reunions. This is because, the theme gives you the opportunity of having as many variations of colorful dresses and funny clowns, as you wish. Dress up in big and colorful clothes and learn a trick that you can perform at the reunion. If you have a pet, teach it a few tricks and make it perform at the family reunion. Arrange for a magician or a real clown who can amuse the guests and make them feel like they are really a part of the circus.