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Christmas theme parties are real fun to attend with friends and family. Check out ideas for Christmas party theme.

Christmas Party Theme

A propitious occasion, Christmas is all about loving and living the moment. With loved ones near you, the celebration becomes all the more special. Christmas is a great time to have parties and enjoy with family and friends. With so many themes to choose from, you must be quite confused, as to what kind of theme ideas for Christmas party should you select. To usher in the Yuletide spirit, choose a theme that sets the perfect mood to celebrate as well as bask in the auspicious moment. In case you are looking for Christmas party theme ideas, look no further. Given here are ideas for Christmas theme party that is sure to be a hit with your family and friends.

Ideas For Christmas Party Theme

Christmas Carnival Theme
Set up your home like a carnival. Apart from the Christmas tree, you can have lighting all around your place. Set up tables with craft items for kids, so that they can come up with interesting items, like Rudolph nose for everyone, sprigs of holly, stars and bells. Make stuff that everyone can wear and participate in the carnival. Organize a parade and visit your neighbors to greet them.

Fattest Santa
This is a fun theme, in which everyone has to get dressed like Santa Claus and the fattest one gets to steal the limelight! You can stuff yourself with pillows, cushions, balloons and anything you can find. You need to buy an extra large Santa suit for yourself. Of course, you can burst those balloons later!

Ask everyone to get reindeer horns for your theme party. Keep some craft materials at your home for kids, who would want to make them on their own. You can also get a red nose by making a slit in a ping-pong ball and painting it red. Keep everyone amused by asking them to act like a reindeer and organize a quiz that involves questions regarding Christmas and reindeers. It is fun and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Scotland Christmas This is a fun theme in which everyone is required to dress up like Scottish people and come to the party. You can dress up like earls and dukes and give yourself a Scottish name. Address others by similar kind of names and completely revamp the d�cor. You can have a fireplace like the ones found in Scottish castles. Arrange for traditional Scottish music complete with bagpipes. Encourage your guests to dance along. Dinner and drinks can also be Scottish like ale, wine, lamb, peas, carrots, etc.

Christmas Under the Sea
An innovative concept, Christmas party with a theme of "Under the Sea" would definitely set some eyes rolling. The best bet would be to use cloth seaweed and strips of green cloth twisted together into long pieces stretching from the ceiling. At strategic locations, use props, like giant coral, giant clam and ship wreck to give the place a realistic look. Lastly, do not forget the Christmas tree. You can decorate it with realistic sea life ornaments, such as faux seaweed and seashell garland. With the decoration depicting the theme, the party is surely going to be one of the best parties your guests ever attended!!