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Christmas party games are really fun to play with family and friends. So check out different game ideas for Christmas parties.

Christmas Party Games

Christmas is the perfect time to organize various fun games to be played with family and friends. Games add the fun quotient to party and make the party much more interesting and exciting one. People, during this time of the year, are in a relaxed mood and actually love to sit back, unwind and enjoy Christmas party games. In case, you are throwing a Christmas party and are looking for games to bring the element of fun, frolic and entertainment to your party, look no further. In the following lines, we have provided Christmas party game ideas, which are sure to make your party a rocking one!!

Christmas Party Game Ideas

Treasure Hunt
Even the thought of discovering a treasure makes everyone excited and thrilled. Both adults and kids love treasure hunt game. On your Christmas party, you can hide small items that are related to Christmas in and around the room and set the guests on a scavenger hunt. You can hide bells, stars, hats, candies, stockings, and so on. However, make sure that the hunt is neither too complicated nor too long.

Carol with a twist
The game can be played in two methods. You can either let each guest select a carol and sing it in different tune. Reward one who sings it in the most innovative tune and beats. The other option would be to get someone to sing carols in different tunes. The guest who guesses both the carol and the original song correctly is declared a winner and gets a souvenir.

Christmas Quiz
A great activity to increase knowledge as well as have fun, Christmas quiz requires you to divide the guests into two groups of equal numbers. Compile some questions in advance to the party. The questions should be based on Christmas movies, songs and also the Bible. The group that gets the most number of answers correct is declared a winner. The game can be real fun!

Dumb Charades
A very popular game, dumb charades is not only interesting but a great way to explore the acting talent and skill of a person. For this, one person has to get up and mime anything related to Christmas. It could be names of movies, songs, books, or any famous character. The person who gets the most number of right answers is declared the winner. You can also divide the guest into two groups.

Fill the Christmas Stocking
If your Christmas party is in a large area, such as a garden or a big hall, this would be an ideal game to have fun and enjoyment. For the game, divide the guest into two teams. Now, hang a Christmas stocking for each team at the opposite end of the room. Make the teams stand in a perpendicular line to their stockings with a bowl of candy and a spoon placed right in front of them.

The task would be to scoop a candy from the bowl using the spoon. He/she would then have to carry the candy on the spoon to the stocking and drop the candy in the stocking. When the first person finishes, he would have to race back and let the second person take his/her turn. The group, which finishes first, is declared as the winner.