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These unique ideas for your baby shower party theme are sure to leave an impression on your guests. Read about baby shower themes.

Baby Shower Party Theme

Baby shower is a special occasion, which commemorates motherhood and respects the elated feeling of an expectant mom. If you are planning to throw an enthralling baby shower party for the woman, who is soon going to be a mother, then you should consider adorning every nook and corner of the room venue with beautiful decorative items. Since decorating the party venue according to a chosen theme is a good old tradition to celebrate special occasion, you may pick a theme, in this case, as well. By choosing a theme for the party, it becomes easy to decorate the venue, as your choice is narrowed down. It may seem a bit tiring at first, to decide on a particular theme, but it does help a lot to plan anything further. Given here are some ideas for baby shower theme party that will help you decide a unique baby shower theme.

Baby Shower Party Theme Ideas

Star is Born Theme
Get a cake that is shaped like a star and make sure that something like "Star is Born" or "Congratulations" is written on it. Decorate the house by hanging small stars here and there. You can get stick-on stars from the store or get some shiny paper and cut it yourself. Get cookies in the shape of a star and place them in a basket as a centerpiece.

Tea Party Theme
This is a very popular theme and works well for any party. Decorate the house with fresh flowers. Place some stuffed toys like teddy bears here and there. Adorn the center table with a beautiful vase and decorate it with elegant cutlery. Host a tea party in the honor of the mother-to-be and make sure you have everything from appetizers to the main course. Different flavors of tea will be an added bonus.

Color Theme
This theme is simple; as you have to make sure, everything is of a uniform color. If you have chosen the color pink or combinations of, say, pink and blue, everything right from the invitation to the d�cor to the party favors should be in this combination. You can use different shades of the same color though.

Diaper Party Theme
This is a very popular theme chosen for baby shower parties. You may send invitations that are shaped like diapers. Decorate the house with cute small diapers, hung at strategic locations throughout the venue. You may make a beautiful diaper cake to serve as the centerpiece. Moreover, you could have a diaper supply that would last for months together!

Teddy Bear Theme
Setting a teddy bear theme for the baby shower party is a nice idea, because it is hard to find children who do not love to play with the soft toy. Send the cuddly teddy bear themed invitations, in either pink or blue color, to your guests. You may use an adorable stuffed teddy bear as the centerpiece of the venue. Baby shower decorations depicting the cute teddy bear are easily available at stores.