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Unique and creative baby shower party gifts are sure to strike a chord with the expectant mother and make her happy.

Baby Shower Party Gifts

Baby shower party, organized in the honor of the new arrival in the family, is the most memorable time for a mother-to-be. The expectant mother is visited by friends and family and is congratulated and blessed by them. Like any other auspicious occasion, baby shower party is incomplete without gifts being 'showered' on the expectant mother. A baby shower gift would be the best, if it is useful for both the mother and the child.

In the present time, a variety of gifts is available in the market, exclusively for baby shower. These gifts come in different varieties, the most popular being baby clothes collection, candy assortments, chocolate bars, bath items like baby soaps and shampoos, etc. If you are still confused on what to choose as the gift for baby shower party, then go through the ideas given in the following lines.

Baby Shower Party Gift Ideas

Soft Toys For Newborns
There are numerous options to choose from the soft toys for babies, the most common being teddy bears. Apart from the cuddly teddy bear, you may also choose stuffed animals and dolls.

Pillows and Blankets
Baby pillows and blankets would be a thoughtful gift to bestow upon the expectant mother, who would need them for her baby, right after the arrival of the newborn. You may present a theme based pillows and blankets. Ensure that the comforters are made of natural fabric, like cotton.

The clothing required for a newborn can also be presented on baby shower party. It may include sleeveless tops made of natural fabrics. You may complement the clothing with soft bath towels, meant for the baby.

Diaper Cake
Apart from a decorative centerpiece, diaper cake serves as a nice gift item to bestow upon a expectant mother on baby shower party. A wide variety of diaper cakes is available in the stores. You may choose a small, medium to large sized diaper cake for the person receiving it.

Clothes Cupcake
Clothes cupcakes are nice gift items to bestow upon the mother-to-be on baby shower party. The gift item, available in the market, is packed in such a way that it looks like a delicious box of cupcakes. Actually, it consists of baby t-shirts and baby clothing that are rolled like cupcakes. Since they are available in neutral colors, you may choose this as the gift.

Grooming Products Gift Baskets
You can find a wide variety of gift baskets in the market, meant for different occasions. If you want to be a bit economical, then make a gift basket on your own, at home. Purchase a wicker basket and line it with cloth napkin. Now, arrange some grooming essentials for newborn, including baby oil, shampoo, powder, soap and moisturizing lotion. Cover the gift basket with a cellophane paper and wrap a satin ribbon around it. Your gift basket is ready!