Find Origami crafts, Origami paper models and easy paper folding crafts for children here.

Origami Crafts

Origami Crafts
Origami is a Japanese craft of paper folding. It is surprising how many intricate patterns and designs you can make by just folding papers. We use no glue, needle or thread to make Origami crafts and paper models. Children love these easy paper-folding crafts as a play and fun activity. Here we are mentioning practical origami crafts that we can make anywhere and actually use them to drink and keep our snacks in. They make interesting travel crafts and kids will love to make and use the origami paper cups and bowls for picnics and birthday parties. Here are the Origami crafts for you to try:

Origami Paper Cup
It's vacation time and you are confused as how to make your kids busy in some useful activities. We have a great, creative idea for you, which will help your kids have fun along with learning a new, useful craft. Kids love to play with papers, so this craft has been based around paper only and is called origami paper cup.

Origami Square Paper Bowl
Are your kids going to have a party soon? Why not let them make their own bowls for the party. Yes, you guessed right! We are talking about origami square paper bowls. These disposable bowls can be used to serve pastries, cakes, chips and other snacks in your kid's birthday party. You may also use them to keep your knick-knacks and make your desk organized.

Origami Paper Doll
Origami paper dolls can be made by using colorful papers and pen. It is a very easy to make, yet attractive, craft that can serve as an instant gift for a sweet toddler. Origami dolls comprise of one of the least expensive crafts for your kid, which can be made in a matter of minutes.

Origami Whale
Origami whale is a very simple, yet beautiful craft that you can make as a gift for your kid. It is not at all expensive and can be made using simple paper, crayons and scissors at home. So next time your kid asks for a new and different kind of toy, you need not to go the market and spend extra bucks.

Origami Future Teller
Origami future teller is an interesting craft that is often used by kids to play future prediction games. It is a very simple craft, made using colorful paper and pen. Prepared almost instantly, the craft can prove to be an interesting game during journeys and even friends' get-together. An origami future teller is more or less like a zig-zag puzzle, operated by fingers.

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