Origami paper cup is a functional origami craft. Learn how to make paper cup using origami here.

Origami Paper Cup

It's vacation time and you are confused as how to make your kids busy in some useful activities. We have a great, creative idea for you, which will help your kids have fun along with learning a new, useful craft. Kids love to play with papers, so this craft has been based around paper only and is called origami paper cup. You can make your little ones make the cups, which require nothing more than a piece of paper. The best part is that you can actually use the cups once, to drink water or cool liquids. They can even be used during the party as disposable cups. They are so very easy to make and kids will love to use them practically. Below, we are giving some tips on making useful origami cups. These paper cups will surely help you spend fun time with your kids.

How To Make Paper Cup Using Origami

Material Required
  • Square Piece of Paper
  • Take a square piece of paper.
  • Fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle.
  • Now fold the top end of triangle to make it touch the right hand side of the triangle in such a manner that the edge of the left hand side lies on the edge of the bottom side of the triangle.
  • Press with finger and open it up again to form a crease line.
  • Now fold the left hand corner to meet the end point of the crease you have formed on the right hand side.
  • Fold the right hand corner to meet the folded point to the middle of the left hand side of the previous triangle.
  • Fold the upper lip of the top corner of the once triangle on the folded paper and the other lip to the other side.
  • Poke the opening open with the finger to make it look like a round paper cup.