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According to Vastu Shastra, septic tank should be perfectly positioned. Read on to get some tips & guidelines for vaastu for septic tank.

Vastu for Septic Tank

Modernization has brought with it the need to construct septic tanks. While in the yesteryears, the concept of having a septic tank was not even thought about, leave about making one, in the present generation, it has become a necessity. Septic tank requires a pit to be dug. The right placement of the septic tank is crucial. A faulty construction not only hampers the ground water sources, but also brings in negative energies to the house. The foul smell, coupled with solar and magnetic radiations, would enter the house, thus destructing it. To get some useful vasthu tips and guidelines about the placement and positioning of the septic tank, read through the following lines.

Vaastu Tips For Septic Tank
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