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This article throws light on Indian wild ass fast facts. Know more about interesting facts about the Asiatic wild ass of India.

Wild Ass Facts

Indian wild ass, scientifically known as Equus hemionus khur, is a subspecies of the Asiatic wild ass. Quite similar in looks to the mule, it grows to a height of around 120 cm and length of about 260 cm. Indian wild ass is believed to be one of the fastest animals on earth, which attains the maximum speed of 50 km/h. It is usually found inhabiting saline desert, grassland in arid zone and shrub land. Wild ass of India is basically herbivorous and is seen grazing between the period of dawn and dusk. In the following lines, we have provided interesting facts about the Asiatic wild ass of India. Read on to explore Indian wild ass fast facts:

Scientific Name: Equus hemionus khur
Age of Maturity: 2 years to 3 years
Mating Period: Spring season
Gestation Period: 11 months
Number of Offspring: One
Average Length: 260 cm
Average Height: 120 cm
Average Weight: 250 kg
Average Tail Length: 80 cm
Top Speed: 50 km/h
Diet: Grass, leaves and fruits of plant, crop, prosopis pods, and saline vegetation