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Conservation efforts for Indian clouded leopards include breeding programs, ban on hunting, etc.

Clouded Leopards Conservation Efforts

The main conservation efforts taken in context of the clouded leopards in the Indian subcontinent relate to the captive breeding program. Irrespective of the fact that during the initial stages of the program the success rate was quite low, the efforts in this regard were continued. One of the reasons that led to the failure was that the female leopards faced a lot of aggression from the males. Since the period of courtship is largely ignored in the wild, its existence in captivity proved to be a negative factor.

Experience provided the conductors with a solution to this problem. Before the breeding program begins, the pair of clouded leopards is carefully chosen so that they have no problem in adjusting with each other. Thereafter, they are provided with enough opportunities to bond with each other and breed successfully. However, throughout the period, the meeting opportunities are carefully regulated so as to prevent both of the leopards from getting harmed. The other essential requirements of successful conservation efforts for leopards in India include a proper environment.

The enclosures where they are kept are properly designed to resemble their natural habitat as much as possible. Efforts are made to provide the leopards with adequate space, climbing facilities, etc. Even their diet is properly taken care of. Apart from the breeding program, efforts are also being made to stop the rapid decline in the population of the wild cats. A ban has been imposed on their hunting. In countries like Thailand, clouded leopards have been radio collared and their territorial movements are being constantly monitored.