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Indian Grey Herons are large birds, belonging to the Ardea Genus. Read on to explore Gray Heron of India.

Grey Heron

Grey heron, scientifically known as Ardea cinerea, is a bird belonging to Indian heron family. It is very strongly related to the American Great Blue Heron as well as Australian White-faced Heron. Infact, many people misunderstand the Australian White-faced Heron as the Grey Heron.

Physical Traits
Gray Heron bird of India has a white head, along with a broad black supercilium and slender crest. The young ones, on the other hand, have a dull gray head. Adult Grey herons stand at a height of 90 to 100 cm, with the wingspan being 175 to 195 cm. Their weight is somewhere around 1 kg to 2 kg. The upper half of plumage is gray, while the lower half is off-white in color. The bill is of a pinkish-yellow color and the color becomes brighter in case of breeding adults. The neck of Grey herons is long and has an S-shape.

Indian Grey Heron Grey Herons are found occupying temperate Europe and Asia and parts of Africa. One can also find the bird inhabiting milder south and west regions. However, most such birds migrate from the colder regions in winter season.

Mating Behavior
Gray heron bird of India breeds in colonies, trees close to lakes, seashore or other wetlands. For breeding purpose, it builds a large stick nest.

The diet of Grey Heron comprises of fish and frogs, which it catches in shallow water. It also consumes small mammals and birds.

Subspecies of Gray Heron
Facts about Indian Grey Heron Bird

Kingdom : Animalia
Scientific Name : Ardea cinerea
Class : Aves
Order : Ciconiiformes
Family : Ardeidae
Genus : Ardea
Species : A. cinerea
Subspecies : Four
Height : 90 cm to 100 cm
Wingspan : 175 cm to 195 cm
Weight : 1 kg to 2 kg