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Golden beaches, stunning greenery and pleasing climate makes Visakhapatnam every traveler’s delight. Scroll down this write-up to explore the tourist attractions in Visakhapatnam.

Places To See In Visakhapatnam

Gorgeous beaches, breathtaking blue sea and beautiful countryside, the age-old city of Visakhapatnam beckon every traveler to come and savor its unique flavor. Once a small fishing village, today much of Visakhapatnam’s eminence rests as software and film hub. Despite of being an industrial center, Visakhapatnam poses as a beautiful haven for tourists looking to break away from the humdrum of their boring being. Studded with lovely lakes, picturesque hills, beautiful caves, cool beaches and more, it would be no exaggeration to say that Visakhapatnam is a perfect holiday retreat for wearied minds. If you are looking for a jovial trip, then Visakhapatnam is the place for you. With vast stretches of beaches, undulating greeneries and charming markets, Visakhapatnam is one place where you can see and feel the beautiful amalgam of diverse cultures. Explore more about Visakhapatnam and its many tourist attractions with this article that unveils before you a spellbinding string of sightseeing attractions. To know more on places to visit in Visakhapatnam, read on.

Tourist Attractions In Visakhapatnam

Ramakrishna Beach
Ramakrishna Beach, the most popular beach in Visakhapatnam, is located at the east of the city. With its serene atmosphere, tranquil background and active life, the beach offers a picturesque panorama to the visitors. Situated on the coastline of Andhra Pradesh, the beach is best for sunbathing, surfing and other marine activities. In past few years, Ramakrishna beach has emerged as a popular recreation spot for the locals and tourists.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, situated in the midst of beautiful Eastern Ghats, is nearly 6 km away from the noted RTC complex. The park, which is home to nearly 80 species of birds and animals, is spread over a sprawling area of 625 acres. Being one of the biggest zoological parks in India, this zoological park has been the home to a wide variety of wild species including tiger, deer, elephants and others animals. Located in national highway 5, the park is a great place to spend time with kids.

Kailashgiri is one of the renowned tourist destinations in Visakhapatnam. Situated on the hilltop, at a height of 360 feet, Kailashgiri serves as a vantage point for the city. The lush green park in Kailashgiri has the power to allure tourists by its fresh and cool breeze. Serving as the most famous picnic spot of Visakhapatnam, the place is flooded with attractions like the white marble stone statue of Shiva Parvati, floral watch, Jungle Trails, Art Gallery, Children Play Park, Shanti Ashram, gliding base point, telescopic point, titanic viewpoint and more.

VUDA Park, also known as Taraka Rama Park, was named after former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, NT Rama Rao. The park, established by Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA), is a heavy crowd puller of the city. Located near Rama Krishna Beach, the park is famous for its musical fountain, skating, boating, horse and camel riding. With its lush green lawns, artificial caves and beautiful flower gardens, the park is the best place to enjoy beautiful evenings with family and friends.

Dolphin's Nose
Dolphin’s Nose, a rocky cape in southern part of Visakhapatnam, is located at a height of 174 meters. The rock, shaped like a Dolphin’s nose, is the beautiful gift of nature, which attracts wide number of vistors every day. The rock cutouts serve a peninsula that houses a beautiful lighthouse, whose light beam can be viewed from the sea. Along with the beautiful rock assembles, one can get the bird’s eye view of the entire city from this place.

INS Kurusura Submarine
INS Kurusura Submarine, set up at the banks of Rama Krishna Beach, is the first submarine turned museum in Asia and the second-of-its-kind in the world. As per the records, INS Kurusura is a Russian submarine built on 18 December 1969. The submarine began its spectacular journey on 20 February 1970 via Balti Sea, reached Visakhapatnam on 11 May 1970, and since then has remained under the control of Indian defence.

War Memorial
War memorial, also known as ‘Victory at Sea’, is dedicated to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of national integrity and border protection. Established in 1971 in commemoration of Indo-Pak war, the memorial serves as one of the major attractions in Rama Krishna beach road. A trip to this memorial will help you to explore many war related goods like missiles, bombs, tankers and even fighter planes.