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Shopping in Visakhapatnam promises to be an exciting experience. Navigate through this write-up to explore the key shopping places in Visakhapatnam.

Shopping In Visakhapatnam

Also known as Vizag, Visakhapatnam is Andhra Pradesh’s second largest city. Erstwhile a small fishing town, Visakhapatnam, today, has graduated to become one of the thriving industrious cities in India. Perched on the east coast, this port-city is apparently India’s richest supplier of natural minerals. Since the times of the British Raj, Visakhapatnam has served as an important naval base and, even today, it continues to be the home to Eastern Naval Command. Besides being a significant storehouse for raw minerals and a powerhouse for many steel plants, Visakhapatnam has many thermal stations, oil refinery etc that is managed and controlled by both private and public sector companies. The growth in the retail division in the city has witnessed an expansion with the rise of malls, emporiums, co-operative societies and street side shops, thereby opening a galore of options for the shoppers. The shopping cloisters in Visakhapatnam offers a variety of handicraft items, jewelry, traditional woven silk brocades, spices, scented soaps, wooden carvings etc. to the shopaholics. Navigate through this article to know more about shopping places in Visakhapatnam and get ready for a splurge.

Shopping Places In Visakhapatnam

When it comes to shopping, Visakhapatnam has a string of options. Places like Jagadamba Centre and Dwarkanagar are popular for their malls, emporiums and other retail shops. However, if would like to splurge in handicrafts, curios and artifacts, then hop on to the government managed emporiums and co-operative societies like Eastern Art Museum, Girijan co-operative society and Lepakshi emporium. These handicraft emporiums houses genuine handcrafted products from all across the state. You can shop for Yetikippaka and Nakkapalli toys, hand woven fabrics, wooden carvings, metal sculptures, sandalwood products, antiques, leather products, carpets, wall hangings and other popular craftwork in these handicraft stores. You can also grab some great deals on hand printed fabrics like Pochampalli and Kalamkari, which are the specialties of this region. Apart from that, you can shop for woodcarvings, sculptures, perfumes, tea, and spices here. The handicraft items in this region represent the skill and art passed down by many generations that is an important source of income for the locals. Most of these products found in these stores reveal a rich blend of both traditional techniques and modern designs.

If you love blings and jewelries, then hitting the gold souks in Visakhapatnam will leave you with some great buys and amazinf deals. Kurupam Market in Visakhapatnam is well-known for its gold and silver markets. This bazaar is the favorite destination for people looking to splurge in gold and silver jewelries. The souk is situated close to old post-office junction and is inarguably the best place to shop for some traditional gold and silver jewelry. And yes, don’t forget to bargain!

Sport Items
Visakhapatnam has a large number of fans who religiously follow the game of cricket, tennis and football. Dabagardens offers a varied collection of sports ware like cricket sets, balls, skates and other sports utility items that caters to every need of a sportsman. Most of the sport gears in the bazaar are related to cricket, tennis, and skates. RTC complex and TSR complex are other places in the city to shop for sports items. While shopping in the marketplaces of Visakhapatnam, don’t forget to put your haggling skills to test to get some good deals on great products.