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Whether you are fond of silk saris, have a thing for brassware, or are a big art aficionado, the shopping places in Thanjavur promises to sate the shopper in you.

Shopping In Thanjavur

Home to several dynasties, the city of Thanjavur has always been the epicenter of art and culture. Over the years, the city has witnessed the emergence of several art forms. Some of the art forms that have been immortalized by the local people are the famous Thanjavur paintings, Tamil literature, classical dance, music, skilled handloom pieces and other handwork. Being the cradle of Tamil culture, Thanjavur has a host of interesting things to offer to the first time shoppers. Some of the best things to look forward to while shopping in the grand old city are handmade clay dolls, beautiful paintings, handloom weaves, jewelry, traditional musical instruments and many other exquisite things that the city is famous for. The city is dedicated towards promoting and reviving dying art forms with respect to fine arts, dance, music, drama, theater and other forms of art that support and encourage artisans to display their talent. Read the article to know more about shopping places in Thanjavur and get ready to splurge.

Things To Buy In Thanjavur

Silk Weaves
Thanjavur is the ultimate haven for buying beautiful silk weaves, woven in gorgeous colors and designs. A thriving art form in Thanjavur, a large number of people in this region are committed towards producing this prized textile. While you are in the city, don't forget to lay your hands on some of those striking silk weaves. Although it might seem be a little heavy on your pocket, know that Thanjavur is the best place to buy genuine silk drapes that are usually reasonably priced. During the wedding and the festival seasons, these silken fabrics are in big demand. So don't skip the chance to splurge in silk.

Thanjavur Paintings
When in Thanjavur, you cannot return without grabbing a Thanjavur painting for your home. This artwork not only involves blending of diverse bright hues but also comes fitted with delicate gold foil and semi precious stones. Although the authentic Thanjavur work of art can cost you a bomb, you can definitely shell out some bucks to grab a replica of Thanjavur paintings that would make for a great souvenir. South Keezha Veedhi is the best place to indulge in this classic style of art form.

Dancing Dolls
Thanjavur is also well known for Thalaiyatti Bommai nodding dolls made of clay. They come in different colors and shapes and the slightest brush of breeze makes their heads go up and down. Young children find them quiet fascinating. These dancing dolls not only make for a great souvenir but also give you a sneak-peek into Thanjavur's artistic talents. The shops within the vicinity of Punainallur Mariamman Temple have a good collection of these dolls.

Traditional Crafts
While touring Tanjore, look out for some stunning wooden craftwork, brass plates, brass sculptures, silk carpets and other traditional crafts. The best place to look for such items are the government managed emporiums who sell these items at a reasonable price.