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Shopping in Ooty can be quite a refreshing experience for the first time travelers. Go through the article to know more on shopping places in Ooty to make the most of your shopping experience.

Shopping In Ooty

Ooty is the ellipsis for 'Ootacamund,' a hilly town nestled in the heart of Nilgiri Hills. Situated 7500 ft above sea level, Ooty is encircled with soaring pines and misty hills, making this place a hugely popular summer destination with the vacationists. While you are in the town, it is only fair to indulge in some shopping so that you can carry back home some wonderful souvenirs for your friends, family and of course, for yourself. Many of Ooty's shopping arcades are swamped with several natural and hand made products and other exciting stuff. From the rich taste of tea and coffee powders to home-produced chocolates to traditional handicraft work, you will find a plethora of offbeat souvenirs to shop here. Ooty does not comprise of many hi-rise shopping arcades. However, places like Municipal Market, Co-operative Super Market, Upper and Lower Bazaar Roads just promises to make your shopping excursion better. To know more on the shopping places in Ooty, read on.

Shopping Places In Ooty

Green Shop

Green Shop is an eco-friendly organization that works with small aboriginal communities not only to promote revenue for these tribes but to also promote some of the homegrown produces available in the region. Most of us are well aware about the goodness of honey and the benefits of using it. Beekeeping is a thriving business in Ooty with many of the locals taking up bee farming as their main profession the town's supermarkets are flooded with honey bottles. This gooey golden sweetness is a wonderful product to add to your shopping list while touring the place. Apart from honey, the Green shop also sells bee wax and other handmade products. If you have some time to spare, do take a look at the documentation on wild bees and honey collectors. Another thing that you can find in this store is some good quality cheese such as Gouda, Colby, Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Haloumi and Herb Cream Cheeses that is prepared by Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay's dairy farm located in Coonoor.

Another thing Ootacamund is famous for is the eucalyptus oil and tea packets, which are essential, used for its medicinal benefits. Apart from this, also look for cinchona products and essential oil collection in the stores. The C Stores also has its very own eatery and you can indulge in the delicious snacks available such as pizza, burger, panneer fingers, samosas, bombay sandwiches, vada pav and cutlets.

Shivani Stores
Ooty is also famous for its home-based chocolates that are absolutely scrumptious and is the best gift you can give anyone irrespective of their age. As you stroll around the markets make sure to visit Shivani Stores on Commercial Road as the place is quite well known for its homemade chocolates, spices and cheese. They also have a good assortment of spices.

Taj Bakers
If you are looking for some yummy and mouth-watering sugary confectionaries then head straight to Taj Bakers. The store is popular among the locals for selling chocolates, cakes and biscuits. The specialty of this bakery is the home-baked biscuit known as 'Varkey', which is a popular tea snack among the locals. While you are in Ooty, do stop by Taj Bakers to savor them.