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Is this your first trip to the hill station? Then read the article to fight down the arid, cold climate and to know the best time to visit Ooty.

Best Time To Visit Ooty

Wish to sample the simple luxuries of nature? Then head out to Ooty, every wanderlusts ultimate getaway destination. The mist, the monsoon and the enveloping greens makes Ooty a truly exotic destination for the travelers. The scenic landscape, picturesque tea estates, lavish woods and the impeccable beauty of the place lends the city its unparalleled charm. Originally, a home to the Toda tribe and later a summer retreat for the British Raj officials, Ooty has forever beguiled travelers from all across the globe. Situated at an altitude of 2886 ft above sea level and enveloped by an oasis of greenery, Ooty definitely ranks on top among the most flocked hill stations in the country. The hills surrounding this place are amazing for trekking and exploring the stunning scenery. Inarguably, every vacationer's favorite stop, a visit to Ooty is an extravagant indulgence for the senses. However, to enjoy and explore this natural haven to the fullest, it is best to plan your trip keeping the weather conditions in mind as during the unfavorable seasons, the nature can play foul, ripping out the trees and blocking the roads. To know more on the best time to visit Ooty, scroll down the article below and enjoy your vacation to the utmost.

When To Go To Ooty


Summer in Ooty commences in the month of March and lasts uptil June, with temperatures ranging between 20oC - 23oC. Although, monsoon hits the hill station in July and lasts until the early weeks of November, the place experiences pre-monsoon showers in the months of May and June. Cloudburst in Ooty is not very severe unlike other parts of the country. With an average of 189 mm of rainfall, the place receives light drizzle all throughout the year. Winter in this hill station usually sets in by late October and continues until the first few days of March, with an average temperature of 8oC that drastically reduces to a chilling 5oC during extremely cold days.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
If monsoon is your favorite season, and you enjoy the gusty winds accompanied by soft dewdrops, then you should visit Ooty anytime between July and October to experience the misty, emerald paradise. However, if you prefer the chills of mountains, then winter is the perfect time to visit this place. Even though the winter sets in by November, it is best advised to tour the place anytime between December to February for a foggy, wintry experience in Ooty. However, be prepared to fight the freezing weather and dry skin by carrying plenty of warm cloths and moisturizers.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Ooty is during the summers in the months of March and June. The hills come alive during this time with pleasant sunny weather, picturesque lakes and blooming gardens making it an ideal time for sightseeing and a great weekend jaunt for your entire family. Although the temperature during winter does not exceed beyond 25oC during the day, the nights can get quite nippy with temperature shooting down to 8oC. Another reason to visit Ooty during summer is to experience the town's leisure activities like hang gliding, angling, trekking and more.