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Are you planning a short weekend trip in Karnataka? If yes, then Mysore can be your ideal getaway destination. Read this article to learn the best time to visit Mysore.

Best Time To Visit Mysore

Steeped in centuries old history, culture, and traditions, Mysore remains an unexplored destination for many despite being a tourist hotspot in Karnataka. Mysore has certain uniqueness that stands apart from the rest of the cities in the state. As you stroll along the city, do watch out for its art galleries that house some superlative Mysore paintings. A rare form of art that is said to be a subsidiary of the famous Tanjore frescos found in Tamil Nadu, these paintings are likely to fascinate you, more so if you are an art lover. Apart from this, the city has an innumerable number of museums, gardens, natural watercourses and temples to swash. The people in the city are extremely friendly and never shy away from striking a conversation with you. Although the local language is Kannada, people also speak in English here. Mysore usually has a tolerable climate all through the year. However, if you want to make the most of your stay in Mysore, then read the article to know more on the best time to visit Mysore.

When To Go To Mysore

Weather Forecast
Unlike many cities in India, Mysore does not have an unbearably hot climate. With not much of drastic variations in its climatic conditions, you can make a quick trip to the city anytime according to your convenience. Summer sets out in the month of March and lasts until June with temperatures ranging between 290C to 340C. Monsoon, however, starts from July and continues until November. The winter here is the most agreeable time of the year. During winters, the temperature drops down to 160C, making it a perfectly pleasurable time to visit the place and explore its grandiosity.

Opting For Your Favorite Seasons
Summer months can be quite a blistering experience for you. During the peak summer months of April and May, the city remains extremely hot and humid. If you plan to travel to Mysore during the summers, then make sure to pack in enough light cotton fabrics and sunscreens lotions to battle the oppressive heat. Monsoon lovers can make a visit to Mysore anytime between July and November. Apart from providing relief from the scorching heat, the monsoon poses as the best time to explore the city in its scenic best. If you plan to tour the city during the monsoon, then make sure to carry umbrellas and raincoats to get maximum protection from the rains. Winter in Mysore can be nippy, although the bright, sunny mornings can be quite a savior. While packing for a winter jaunt to the city, make sure to include woolen clothes and umbrellas, as after sunset the temperature levels can plummet with sporadic light drizzles further adding to the winter chill.

Best Time To Visit
The best time to visit Mysore is during the winters when the weather is most agreeable. Anytime from October to February can be a great time to visit the city as the weather transforms drastically from stifling summer heat to thunderous cloudburst, resonating in one's ears. Apart from the weather, another reason why you should visit Mysore during the later months is to participate in the festivals of the region. Right from the month of October to February, the city celebrates a series of religious carnivals such as Dussehra, Pongal and Deepavali. On these propitious occasions, the Mysore palace is lit up with neon lights and brilliant fireworks illuminates the night skies. The atmosphere in the city is euphoric with celebrations during this time of the year. A visit to Mysore would be incomplete without being a part of its fiesta.