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Are you looking for information on the shopping places in Lucknow? If yes, then explore this piece for more information on the same.

Shopping In Lucknow

The vibrant city of the Awadhi Nawabs and other eminent royal dignitaries, Lucknow oozes with warmth and unparalleled charm that you find elsewhere. On one hand, you have fast developing industries and modern structures that speak of the city's colossal growth and on the other hand, there is this incredible line-up of old heritage structures that breathes of the city's old-world charm. Just like the glorious and lovely attractions of the city, the shopping centers and bazaars of Lucknow are popular in the whole country. If you would love to experience, the uniqueness and authenticity of India, then do explore the bazaars of Lucknow, which sells almost all the regional specialties. Among the wide list of must buys are the chikan works of Lucknow. Shopping in Lucknow is incomplete without buying some clothes chikan embroidered garments and silver 'paan-daans'. To know more on Lucknow's shopping spots, go through the sections below which will provide you with the necessary information on shopping hotspots in the city.

Things To Buy In Lucknow

Lucknow Chikan Work

When one thinks about shopping in Lucknow, the first thing that comes to one's mind is its finest chikan works. Lucknow chikan works, which is famous around the world, is a noted form of embroidery created by skilled workers of Lucknow. The stylish and delicate embroidery designs are admired for their uniqueness and intricacy of design. The work usually includes Zardosi embroidery with gold and silver threads along with crystal embellishments. The Mughal queen Noor Jahan is believed to have been the patron of this unique form of embroidery. Even today, this traditional embroidery work is a huge rage in the fashion world and is almost synonymous to Lucknow's unique style.

Shopping in Lucknow is incomplete without buying a few pieces of authentic jewelry. Whether you love ornaments or not, the colorful jewelry sold in the markets will definitely tempt you to buy some as lovely gifts for your loved ones. From nose pins to earrings to waistbands and necklaces, every piece exhibits exquisite works of craftsmanship. For instance, the unique work on metal ornaments looks extremely beautiful along with studded gems and crystals. If you are delighted by the extensive description of Lucknow's jewelry, then don't forget to buy some.

Shopping Destinations
To help you out in finding regional specialties of the city, there are a number of shopping markets and malls that suit the needs and demands of people of all ages. The most favorite and crowded shopping destination of Lucknow is 'Hazrat Gunj'. Named after Begum Hazrat Gunj, this market area is flooded with shops and restaurants that are often visited by tourists. For youngsters, Hazrat Gunj serves as the ultimate hangout. If you love ornaments, then do visit Gadbadjhala, which is quite famous for its exquisite variety of jewelry and gemstones. Each shopping area here sells the famous chikan work of Lucknow. However, to get the best-designed embroidery clothes, you must visit Chowk in old Lucknow. Some of the colorful and noisy bazaars of the city are Janpath, Yayaganj, Kapoorthala and Aminabad. Modern multiplexes like Sahara Ganj, Waves and other boutiques give Lucknow a modern look.