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Are you planning to visit Lucknow anytime soon? If yes, dive deep into the confines of this piece to get to know the best time to visit Lucknow.

Best Time To Visit Lucknow

A momentous cultural hub in Northern India, the very mention of Lucknow evokes an image of 'nawabi' splendors, august monuments, cultural refinements, legendary etiquettes, and yummy 'galouti' and 'majlisi' kebabs. Known for its wonderful 'Lakhnawi' way of life that is said to be a fusion of both Indian and Mughal culture, this former nerve center of Awadhi Nawabs and Mughals, today, stands as one of the most populated cities in Uttar Pradesh. The city of Lucknow, imbued with its own distinctive charm, is unlike any other Indian cities, thus, making it a popular tourist destination for the globe trekkers. From old dancing courts to mouth-watering food and from sophisticated literature to mind-blowing architecture, the city indeed exudes its own charm. Lucknow, without a doubt, has lot to offer to the first time travelers. Although you can hit the city anytime of the year, knowing the best time to make a visit to Lucknow would only help to make your stay more fun. For more information on best time to visit Lucknow, read on.

When To Go To Lucknow


With a subtropical climate to its name, Lucknow's climate mainly involves humid summers, misty winters and torrential monsoons. The summer season in Lucknow is extremely hot with temperatures rising from 320 C to 410 C. The heat waves usually hit Lucknow during the month of March and lasts until June. By mid June, heavy showers deluge the city with the monsoons stretching up to October. Winter sets in during December and usually lasts until February. The atmosphere is nippy during this time with temperatures plummeting down to 20 C - 30 C in extremely cold days. Mist during this time is quite a common occurrence and seems to swathe the city until the first few weeks of February.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
Like most parts of Northern India, Lucknow also experiences extreme climatic conditions like severe heat waves, cloudbursts and arid, cold winters. The summer here is extremely hot and it is usually not a great time to head out for sightseeing. Nevertheless, if you love the feel of warm sunny heat on your skin, then you can visit the city anytime in the month of March. For those of you who want to live your monsoon fantasy, the city of Lucknow will definitely fulfill your dreams. Monsoon in this city comes as a much-needed break from the oppressive heat. If you happen to visit the city anytime between July to October, ensure to carry sufficient rainproof gear to protect yourself from the severe downpour. Winters in the city sets in during late November and last until the initial days of February. The weather during the day is perfect for a wonderful excursion in the district. If you plan to visit the city during this time, then make sure to pack those woolies to ward off those chilly nights.

Best Time To Visit Lucknow
The best time to visit Lucknow is during the winter season that lasts from late October to early February. The winter days are ideal to visit the cities majestic monuments, museums, architecturally renowned structures and picnic parks. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and have an extra bit of time to squeeze in, then include the 'Dudhwa National Park' and 'Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary' in your itinerary, as the weather is perfect during this time for some outdoor adventure. Another reason why you should visit Lucknow during this time is to witness the annual 'Lucknow Festival' that takes place during the winter months. The festival is the right opportunity to be introduced to Lucknow's culture and heritage. The fiesta includes vibrant parades with traditional theater performances and Kathak dance concerts, kite flying events and music recitals, that are a few things to look forward too on your trip to Lucknow.