With its exotic natural beauty and unique tribal culture, a trip to Kohima provides a completely new and different experience. Read the article to know more about major tourist attractions in Kohima.

Places To Visit In Kohima

If you are fed up of the beaches and the hills and desperately seeking for some change at least in your vacation plans, then you must visit Kohima, the gorgeous capital city of Nagaland. Lodged amidst beautiful hilly terrain, the place provides a breathtaking view of the pristine land and a rare peep into the intriguing tribal culture and customs of the city. Once you set your feet into the land of warrior tribes, you will be swept over by tattooed men and vibrantly draped women who are ever willing to play hospitable hosts to you. Apart from its natural wealth and exotic tribal culture, Kohima delights you by its warm temperament, fascinating history, curious lifestyle and attractive celebrations. Dotted with many tourist attractions, a visit to Kohima opens your doorways to a completely different world. To know more about the must-visit tourist attractions in Kohima, go through the writing below.

Tourist Attractions In Kohima

War Cemetery

War cemetery in Kohima is a symbolic memorial built in the memory of thousands of officers and brave soldiers who lost their life during World War II. As per the records, during this war, Kohima played a strategic role by blocking the Japanese invaders at the borders of India. Today, as you walk down this cemetery, you will be mesmerized to see the lush green carpets holding the decorated graves. Moreover, the bronze plate attached to every grave and inscribed with interesting epitaph makes for a must-read.

Zoological Park
The Zoological Park at Kohima is admired for its rich collections of flora and fauna. Standing beautifully on the hilly-slope, the inclined portion of the region has been brilliantly used to create a space for animals where you can witness some of the rare species like the Golden Langurs, the Blyth's Tragopan and exceptional varieties of Orchids. Apart from catching up with some extraordinary wildlife, the place also offers a wonderful atmosphere for children by facilitating special play zone and other fun entertainments.

The Catholic Cathedral
The Catholic Cathedral, situated in Aradura Hill, is one of the major attractions in Kohima. Serving as the most admirable and biggest church of Northeastern Indian, a visit to Kohima is incomplete without enjoying the beauty of Catholic Cathedral. With its refreshing new modern look and wonderful architecture, the church demonstrates the creativity of the artisans. Being located on the hill, the spectacular view of entire area further enhances the beauty of the church.

Kohima Village (Bara Basti)
Kohima Village or Bara Basti located on a hill facing the Kohima town serves as one of the largest and densely populated villages in Asia. As you enter this village, the large wooden gate, elaborately carved weapons and skull of mithun welcomes you to the interesting Naga world. As you enter the village, the Naga tribes display their unique tradition through elaborate architecture of their homes and attractive accessories such as horn shaped wooden carvings, huge basket and others placed in front their home definitely takes you to completely new world.

The State Museum in Kohima houses some of the rarest and attractive collections belonging to different tribes of the region. Established with an aim to provide an insight into tribal culture and their lifestyle, the museum attracts people visiting this land. Some of the amazing collections of the museum such as ethnic dresses, clan motifs, weapons, utensils and other articles display the glory of Naga tradition. Apart from these, the books and writings displayed in the museum provide additional knowledge on tribal history and culture.

Naga Bazaar
The Naga bazaar is the main market area of the city, which is noted for its livestock. From vegetables to fruits and from yummy food to colorful attractions of the place, the market fulfills all your needs. A visit to this market also provides you an opportunity to have a glance at tribal cultural and to mingle with the local crowd.