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Read the article to know more about how to reach Kohima and gets exploring this intriguing land.

How To Reach Kohima

There is no other better place in India to witness tribal culture than the remote terrains of Kohima. Being the home to diverse cultures and several tribal sects, the tribal city of Kohima boasts of a string of celebrations all the year around. To explore the state, start your journey from its capital, Kohima. Apart from participating in the myriad celebrations, Kohima is the perfect place to go trekking or just gaze at the beautiful topography of the region. Kohima has a blend of colonial styled architectures, colossal monuments and well-manicured green parks that just adds to the charm of the city. While you are in the land of festivals, don't forget to witness the revelries that gives you a sneak-peek into the vibrant nomadic life of the people there. If you plan to visit the region, then make sure to plan your trip during the Hornbill festival. During this celebration, you can catch a glimpse of the different tribes draped in their splendid colorful and traditional attire along with a long string of jollity performances such as dance, music, parades, and sports, variety of food, fairs, rituals and religious ceremonies that bind the various clans of Nagaland together. Scroll through the article to know more about how to reach Kohima.

Traveling To Kohima

By Air

The town of Kohima does not have an airport. However, if you choose to travel by air, then you will have to stop by at its nearest airport. The closest landing field from Kohima is Dimapur, which is located at a distance of 74 km from the main town. Dimapur airfield operates only domestic flights commuting within the region. You can reach Dimapur from the major cities of Guwahati and Kolkata, as there are direct flights to this place. Once you embark at Dimapur airfield, you can hire a cab to reach Kohima, which is just a short two-hour drive from Dimapur. For international travelers, you may need to take a flight to Kolkata or Delhi international airport first before taking a connecting flight to Dimapur. Kolkata and Delhi are the only two airports that operate domestic air carriers to the region.

By Rail
Apart from being lodged in a hilly terrain, Kohima is strategically located at the broader of Burma. As a result, this city doesn't have a railway station of its own. The closest railway junction in the region is at Dimapur that is said to be connected to the nearby towns and the important cities of Kolkata and Guwahati. Even though a journey through trains is a time consuming affair, it is one of the best ways to reach Kohima as it is relatively cheaper compared to air travel. Take a trip through the trains to experience some of the spectacular views of the bordering mountain range.

By Road
Despite of being directly inaccessible by air and rail, the town of Kohima has a good network of roads. The national highway 39 connects Kohima to the neighboring states of Meghalaya, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Mizoram. The state highways also connect you to the cities of Shillong and Guwahati from where you can also reach other states in the region. A few private buses commute back and forth in the province for a nominal price. If you prefer to travel by taxi, then hop into any of the SUV's that re easily available in Kohima.

Entry Formalities
Since Kohima is located close to the northeastern border of Burma, the Indian government has restricted the entry to this region especially for foreigners. So, if you are an international traveler, ensure to gain a permit to this region form the Indian Missions abroad or the Foreign Regional Registration office (FRRO) located in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata or from the immigration office and Home Commissioner office in Chennai. According to the permit, foreigners are given a specified amount of time, which is further extendable to ten days. As for Indian nationals, you are required to obtain the Inner Line Permit from the Deputy Resident Commissioner at Nagaland House from Delhi and Kolkata. For further detailed information on the entry, formalities do get in touch with your local travel agent.