The beautiful environs and pleasing climate makes Kohima the perfect holiday destination in northeast. Read the article to know more about the best time to visit Kohima.

Best Time To Visit Kohima

A trip to the picturesque town of Kohima takes you away from the hubbub of city life and helps you to unwind amidst its green environs. Placed in the amazing frontiers of the Himalayan region, the idyllic setting of the region makes it a perfect family holiday destination and a real haven for the wanderlusts. Particularly if you are a city dweller, then the unpolluted air and fresh environs gives you a pleasant break from the city. Serving as a typical Naga town, a trip to Kohima helps you get up, close and personal to the exotic tribal culture of northeast. Boasting of an incredible climate, every season of the year offers its own specialties to the land. Although every season has something to offer of its own to the tribal city, it would be better to explore the place at the right time of the year. Go through the writing below to know more on best time to visit Kohima.

When To Go To Kohima


Situated at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, Kohima enjoys a moderately humid subtropical climate. This means that the city has sublime summers and pleasant winters. The summers in the region commences in March and lasts until June. The summers here are never too hot and the temperature usually never soars beyond 310 C. Therefore, if you are looking to escape from the sweltering sun during summers, then Kohima is the place to go. The monsoon here, which extends from July to October, is marked by heavy cloudburst. Although, the downpour adds to the lush of the woods, it isn't the ideal time to make a visit to the city. The winters, extending from November to February, is pleasant, save for January, which is the coldest month of the year.

Best Time To Explore Kohima
Although Kohima enjoys a pleasant climate all throughout the year, to get the best of the place, you need to plan your trip anytime between October to May. Sublime weather perfectly complemented by idyllic view of the city helps you to bask in a stunning view of the hilly region. Along with the pleasant weather, the myriad celebrations and festivities that are hosted year around adds to the excitement of your trip. The noted festivals of the region like Chega Gadi in October, Sekrenyi in January, Hega in February and Ngada In November displays the proud ethnicity of the people.

Things To Do
Flanked by jaded woods and spectacular vales, a trip to Kohima is nothing short of an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of all the myriad attractions that this city boasts of, Catholic Cathedral definitely warrants a mention. Sticking out as one of the major landmarks in Kohima, this Cathedral is indeed one of the largest in the entire northeast and is a must-visit. To fathom the city's impeccable historical background and experience authentic Naga culture, you must visit the Nagaland State Museum. This depository, which hosts antique collections, status, pillars and other accumulations, gives you a sneak-peek into the tribal heritage. If you are somewhat of a nature enthusiast, then hitting the zoological park will bowl you over with its exotic collection of wildlife and plants. Apart from rubbernecking, you can also indulge in a bit of shopping and stuff your bags with regional specialties like colorful shawls, bags, wooden carvings, decorative spears and attractive handicrafts. And yes, before you bid adieu to Kohima, don't forget to scarf on its eye-brow raising yet lip-smacking local cuisine.