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Kodaikanal is one of the top-notch tourism spots in India. If you are planning a stopover at this charming hill station, then better know the best time to visit Kodaikanal.

Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal

Wish to take a break from the heat, haze and humdrum of big city? Grab your backpacks and head out for the quaint hill station of Kodaikanal and lose yourself in the laps of nature altogether. Said to be every trekker's and nature lovers' ultimate destination, the sterling city of Kodaikanal is blessed with natural bounties. Posited on the southern peak of the Palani hummocks, this small, easy-going hill station is untouched by commercialism and hence, ranks on top among India's most flocked hill-stations. Wooded slopes, gushing waterfalls, winding routes and the exotic purple Kurinji blooms makes Kodaikanal not just a favorite honeymooner's spot but also a huge hit with the nature lovers, poets and writers, who rush to this place to find great solace in the tranquil arms of Mother Nature. Since Kodaikanal enjoys subtropical climate, the place is flocked all throughout the year. However, if you are baffled and don't have any idea about when to hit this scenic spot, then the following write-up should leave you with enough dope on when to go to Kodaikanal and make the most of your trip.

When To Go To Kodaikanal

The summer months of April, May and June are the ideal time to visit Kodaikanal since the temperature is agreeable during this time of the year. The average temperature experienced by the hill station is around 180 C. Unlike other Indian cities, which are scorched down by blazing sun, Kodaikanal experiences fairly pleasant summer, which is why scores of visitors flock to this place during summertime. So, pack your bags and head off to Kodai during summer!

July and August are characterized by bouts of heavy rainfall. The whole of Kodaikanal looks fresh and the delightful aroma of rain-drenched mud and trees wafts through the air. Photographers find it enchanting to capture the hills and other surrounding landscapes during monsoon. As the sun and clouds play hide and seek, one can see the mist covering the mountains. Waterfalls like Bear Shola and Silver Cascade brim with gushing water during this season. However, for travelers, monsoon isn't the best time to make a trip to Kodaikanal as the rain-washed slopes become extremely slippery and there are risks of landslides too.

Late October marks the onset of winter in Kodaikanal. The nights are extremely cold during this time with occasional showers or light drizzle further knocking down the temperature to freezing degrees. The local people prefer to stay locked inside the warm confines of their home and don't venture out much. Hot soups, spicy snack items are prepared in bulk to beat the icy temperature. If you happen to travel to Kodaikanal during this time, don't forget to pack in loads of socks, gloves and warm sweaters. January is the coldest season of the month.

Opting For Your Favorite Season
The best time to visit Kodaikanal is either between April to June or September to October, when the weather is invariably pleasant and the landscape looks its scenic best. Fairs and festivals, which are an intrinsic part of Kodaikanal's celebrations, add to the city's thrills. Some of the most popular celebrations in Kodaikanal are Natyanjali festival, Pongal, Chithirai festival and Tea and Tourism fair. Also, the summer festival that takes place in May is equally lively and boasts of attractions like boat races, dog shows, flower shows and more.