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Whether you lust for lush Pashmina Shawls or can’t think of your biryani without a touch of authentic saffron, the shopping places in Jammu won’t let you return home empty-handed.

Shopping In Jammu

Known for its beautiful landscapes and tranquil nature, the lanes of Jammu tots up as the perfect shopper’s stop. Just like the colorful history and serenity of the place, shopping in Jammu offers a complete visual treat to the visitors. When it comes to uniqueness and creativity of Jammu items, the tribal products definitely deserves applause. Some of the age-old bazaars like Raghunath Bazaar give you a true flavor of this shopper’s paradise. If you thought that Jammu shopping experience was all about buying dry-fruits from shopping carts, be ready for a surprise. Jammu has its own share of designer boutiques and local shops selling the specialties of the region like handicrafts, dry fruits and other accessories. Your shopping expedition is incomplete without buying silks, traditional dongra jewelries, dry fruits, woolen garments and handicrafts from this place. To help you explore the essence of shopping in Jammu, trail the article below.

Things To Buy In Jammu

Papier Mache
Jammu is admired for its unique and exclusive handicrafts made from papier-mache. The diligence, expertise and creativity of Jammu craftsmen are beautifully displayed in the handicrafts made from paper and cardboards. On your visit to Jammu, don’t forget to shop for some cute decorative kits and souvenirs like pen stand, wall hangings, table lamps, decorative bowls, flower vases, lamp shades and other ornamental items that has the power to adorn your showcase and enhance the elegance of your interiors.

Wooden Items
The beautifully carved and polished wooden items of Jammu is another outstanding attraction of this place. Even though the city is blessed with variety of woods, the handicraft items and furniture made from walnut wood are in great demand. In spite of being expensive, walnut materials are sold like hot cakes in the market. The carvings done on exclusive woods adorn the doors, windows and walls of every home in Jammu. Some of the stunning and exquisite handicrafts like photo frames, bowls, vases, portraits and numerous showpieces fascinate people from every corner of earth. However, while purchasing these products, don’t forget to bargain as it works very well in these markets.

Traditional Clothes
Without exploring the splendor of traditional Jammu clothes, you can never feel the essence of Himalayan beauty. The main attraction of the city shawls made from smoothest varieties of wool will leave you awestruck by its outstanding embroidery and great color combinations. Other must buy items of Jammu shopping are stunning silk sarees. If you really want to carry home the traditional elegance of Jammu, do carry some of these stunning regional clothes. And yes, don’t forget to get yourself a nice, original Pashmina shawl, which is a specialty in this region.

If you are in Jammu and have not been enamored by the beauty of royal carpets yet, then it means you have not explored the city to the full. The carpet industry of the city, which is one of the major industrial sectors of state, is acclaimed around the world for its intricate designs, colorful threadwork and plush quality. Serving as the unique piece of traditional art and craft, the carpets from Jammu display the rich artistic skills and creative craftsmanship of the region. If you get a chance to visit Jammu, make a point to purchase beautifully designed carpets.