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Imphal isn't just blessed with great tourism spots but also boasts of some happening bazaars. To know more about the shopping places in Imphal, read on.

Shopping In Imphal

Imphal is gradually turning out to become one of the major tourism hotspots in India. Strategically located in the Manipur River Valley, Imphal is famous for its lush greenery, hills and pristine rivers. Adding to its scenic charms are some of the popular tourist attractions like Shree Govindajee Temple, Manipur State Museum, War Cemeteries, Manipur Zoological Gardens and Women's Market or Ima Keithel. Travelers must not leave Imphal without strolling along the bazaars and picking up some great souvenirs. The markets here that are mostly occupied by women and give you a glimpse into the Manipuri culture and tradition. Women vendors dressed in ethnic Manipuri attires are an absolute delight to watch. Head out to the local restaurants to savor some great local cuisines if you feel worn out after shopping. The perfect time to hit this beautiful place is from October-March when the weather is soothing. To know more about the shopping places in Imphal, scroll down the article.

Shopping Places In Imphal

Khwairambad Bazaar
Khwaraimbad Bazaar, located in the heart of Imphal, is one of the most popular and largest women's markets in India. What makes this market really stand out from the other shopping places is that it is solely run by Manipuri womenfolk. Around 3000 women make their livelihood by selling handicraft and other interesting products here. Authentic Manipuri handicrafts, cosmetics, Manipuri attires, handloom shawls, household utensils, decorative ivory, dolls and beautiful jewelry are some of the popular picks of this market.

Paona Bazaar
The crowded lanes of Paona Bazaar has series of shops that sells fascinating stuffs like silk saris, hand-woven shawls, papier mache products, bamboo and ivory articles etc. As the rates of all these items are fixed, people cannot bargain much. There is one particular shop called Manipur Handlooms & Handicrafts Development Corporation Sales Emporium in this bazaar that is worth visiting. If you happen to visit this place, then don't forget to check out some of its valuable collection like bamboo artifacts, Lanshingphee blanket, toys, colorful mats and shawls, Tangkhul scarf.

Nagampal Market
Another delightful place for shopping is the Nagampal market, which is an important commercial center in Imphal. The shops in this market are stocked up with different items ranging from accessories, footwear, vegetables to colorful attires, fruits and spices. In case you are tired and looking for some sumptuous food, there are numerous restaurants and eatery joints that serve some really yummy Manipuri specialties like kangsoi kobok, bamboo shoot, poora haah, koat pitha and more.

Tera Bazaar
Tera Bazaar, the colorful market that lies in the greater Imphal area, is another popular spot to pick some good souvenirs. The artifacts that you can purchase here are absolutely striking and reasonably priced. Handloom products that reflect the rich Manipuri tradition are also worth buying. On Sundays and other holiday occasions, local inhabitants turn out in huge numbers in this place. Vegetables, fruits and other household products are also put on sale. Some other near-by markets you can visit are Naoremthong Bazaar, Kwakeithel Bazar, and Singjamei Bazar.

GM Hall
The iconic GM Hall, located right in the centre of Imphal, has numerous shops that sell artifacts, Manipuri handlooms, toys, shawls, handicrafts at fixed prices. Tourists and even localites pour out in huge numbers to check out the products put up in this market. During weekends and special holidays, the hall bustles with college goers, women and elders.