Delhi is a city that never sleeps! Read this article to know more about the nightlife in Delhi and explore its popular nightlife destinations.

Nightlife In Delhi

When you need to have a real jamboree and paint the town red, there is no other better Indian city on earth than Delhi! Whether you are looking for a cool place to hang out or pumping hardcore rave parties, you are sure to find the kind of fun you are looking for, right here in Delhi. As the sun goes down and drink flows out, Delhi pulsates with an array of nightlife hot spots, eager to reach out to the young and old denizens, all set to have fun. Delhi indeed packs a big bop when it comes to nightlife. The capital city is a major hub for party freaks that attracts people from miles and miles around. Whopping live music joints, throbbing discotheque, upscale bistros, swanky nightclubs, posh parties, Delhi is indeed the place for hardcore urbanites who loves to have fun when the sun goes down. If you don’t mind grooving to the DJ’s tunes all night long, feasting and partying as you go on, then Delhi is the place to go. If you want to learn about the crowd and the rocking music then there is no better way than to visit the nightlife recreation spots. Explore the article to know about some of the amusing places for the good nightlife in Delhi.

Delhi Nightlife

Pubs And Bars

If you love to booze until you snooze, then Delhi is indeed the place to go. Famous for its hard-drinking culture, Delhi is crowded with an impressive array of pubs and bars, which gives you a perfect excuse to crawl into the pubs and drink until you pass out. Geoffrey’s is apparently one of the city’s best drinking venues. This particular restro-bar is not only popular for its drinks but also for the wide varieties of authentic Delhi foods namely reshmi kababs, grilled fish, chicken satays and other Mughal cuisines. Other pubs and bars which are famous for their ambience, cuisines and tasty drinks are ‘Polo Bar’ at Hyatt Regency, ‘Turquoise Cottage’ at Adchini Sri Aurbindo Marg, ‘H2O Bar’ at Hotel Taj Ambassador, ‘1911 Bar’ in The Imperial, 'Days of The Raj' at Aurobindo Marg and the list is just endless.

Delhi is quite famous for its rocking nightlife, which makes it an eternal favorite with the nocturnal tourists, who flock to this place for never-ending night fun. From the dazzling dance floors of nightclubs to the lively ambience of the restaurants, Delhi has a lot to offer to its nocturnal freaks. If you are among those partygoers who like to groove wild to the thumps of drums, then a visit to the recreational discotheques of Delhi is sure to leave you on a high. There are large numbers of discotheques in Delhi, which offers international service and amazing ambience. The ‘Capitol’ at Hotel Ashoka is the famous discotheques in Delhi that receives the most glamorous crowd. Another popular funky and posh discotheque preferred by students is the 'Supper Factory' in East of Kailash. If you are looking for the great food and music then ‘Dijjins’ at Hayaat hotel in South Delhi is the best place to go. Other popular Discotheques in Delhi are ‘Q'ba’ at Connaught place, 'The Elevate' at Noida and 'My kind Of Place' at Continental.

Thumping music, expansive décor, sizzling fashion- the nightclubs in Delhi has it all! The most preferred destination for the Gen-X crowd, the nightclubs in Delhi is the ultimate place for fun where the party never dies. With new nightclubs popping in everyday, Delhi offers the perfect place to get down and jiggy. As the darkness sweeps the sky, the hip-hop and trance in the nightclubs catches real fire, the acoustics and energy swim high and people just roll and romp in complete ecstasy. Some of the popular nightclubs in Delhi are ‘Annabelle’s at Hotel Intercontinental, the ‘Pyramid’ in Vasant Kunj and ‘Elevate’ in Noida. If you are in Delhi, don’t forget to visit these places on Saturdays and Sundays as weekend is when all the real fun is.