New Delhi better celebrated as the “restaurant capital” of India, is famous for its cuisines and eateries. Read this article to know more about the popular cuisines of Delhi and appease your hunger.

Delhi Food

Delhi, the present-day cultural hub of India, was once subservient to the rule of Parthians, Turks, Afghans, Mughals and Britishers, that had left an indelible impression on the face of the city and gave Delhi its own unique status. Tourists from all over the world flock to Delhi to explore its rich cultural-historical heritage and without doubt lose their heart to its scrumptious cuisines. Delhites love to show off their rich heritage of Maharajas and dynasties, which is well reflected in their food culture as well. In fact, Delhi is accepted as the “Eatery Capital of India” with its different food outlets and cuisines. The city is crowded with the restaurants and foods of all kinds. If you plan your vacation to Delhi, then don’t miss to hit the various food joints, dhabas, snacks centers and popular restaurants for a great treat. In order to know more about the Delhi foods and popular eateries, explore this article.

Delhi Food Guide

Street Food

Delhi has a rich heritage of delicious foods, popular eateries, and food stalls that seems to flock every street of the city. The mouth-watering street fare and savories are a must try in Delhi. If you wish to experience the real flavor of Indian hospitality, then a visit to the street-side cafes of the historic Chandni Chowk is absolutely recommended. From chaats to kulfis to roadside kababs, biryani, rotis and parathas, Chandni Chowk has loads to offer to your taste buds. Parthawala Gali of Chandini Chowk is famous for all these dishes and even the eateries around Jama Masjid sell these items like hot cakes. If you visit Delhi then don’t forget to delight your taste buds with these delicious street foods.

The Punjabi Cuisine
Delhi is the ultimate hub for regional cuisines and Punjabi cuisines definitely ranks on top. From dishing out a wide platter of non-vegetarian food to serving an entire range of vegetarian delicacies, the popular Punjabi joints have it all. However, if you are game for authentic dal makhani and tandoori chicken, then Punjabi dhabas are the place to go. The dhabas in Delhi are the best places to savor Punjabi cuisines. Places like Dilli Haat and Connaught Place indeed has a lot to offer in terms of authentic Punjabi cuisine.

Mughlai Cuisine
Most of the cultural, traditional and historic richness of Delhi comes from Mughals. Even today, you can feel the enriching traditions of Mughals through the delicious Mughlai cuisine. Thus, the trip to Delhi is incomplete without enjoying the authentic Mughlai badaam pasanda (mughlai mutton), Galouti, Kakori Kebab and more. To taste the Mughlai food with the traditional taste you must visit Old Delhi. The most legendary Mughlai food services are provided by Karim’s and Babu Khan’s near Jama Masjid, Nalli Nahari in Beradari and The Great Kebab Factory at Radisson Hotel is truly a great delight for all Mughlai lovers. Other popular Mughlai restaurants are Pindi and Gulati on Pandara Road, Kake da Hotel in Connaught Place, Ka Aangan at Hyatt Regency etc.

Vegetarian Cuisine
Although Delhi is famous for desi vegetarian foods, not many restaurants provide the best service. Still there are some restaurants in Old Delhi, which definitely promises to delight you with authentic vegetarian foods from all across India like chole bhature, dosa, idly, roti, chapatti, dal-rice and other regional specialties. There are some places, which offer pure vegetarian food like Brijbasi at Katra Neel, Moti Mahal at South extension and Evergreen at Green Park. Another must visit place for every vegetarian is Haldiram, which has branches in three places namely Chandini Chowk, Mathura Road and Lajpat Nagar. If you are looking for the typical south Indian food than Sagar Ratna Restaurant in Defense Colony is the best place.

International Cuisines
Delhi is the city for cuisines from all over the world. Thus, international cuisines have marked their presence in the place. The popular international cuisines in Delhi are Chinese, Continental, Thai, Mexican, Lebanese etc. These cuisines are best served in five star hotels like Chor Bizarre in Hotel Broadway, Osaka in Hauz Khas Village, Darbar in Ashoka Hotel and Dum Pukht in Maurya Sheraton. You can also try international foodstuffs in Mc Donald's, Pizza Hut, KFC's Dominos, Pizza Hut and Wimpy's, which serve as a paradise for the foodies. Other crowded eat outs are Little Italy at Defense Colony Market, Olive near Qutub Minar, West View at Maurya Sheraton and Orient Express at Taj Palace.

Sweets and Kulfis
Delhites are the great lovers of sweets and no matter where you go in Delhi, you are likely to find sweet shops there. Punjabi, Mughlai and Rajasthani sweets are prepared in the traditional way but the most popular and preferred sweets are Bengali sweets. The most famous authentic Bengali sweet shop in Delhi is the Annapoorna. Other popular sweet outlets are Ghantewala in Chandini Chowk, Kaleva in Gole Market and Nathu’s and Bengali Sweets in Bengali Market. Other than sweets, Delhites love to gorge on Kulfis- the Indian ice cream. Roshan di kulfi on Ajmal Khan Road in Karol Bagh is an exceptional place to try Kulfi. So when you visit Delhi don’t forget to enjoy delicious sweets and Kulfis.