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With its scenic surroundings and well maintained infrastructure, Chandigarh offers a rich experience to its visitors. Read the article to know more about major tourist attractions in Chandigarh.

Places To Visit In Chandigarh

If you truly want to experience a glimpse of planned India, there is no better place than Chandigarh. Just the way Varanasi represents the tradition and culture of the country, Chandigarh showcases India in a completely new avataar. Moreover, if you are a nature lover, then the city is indeed your ideal destination. As you start exploring the place, the beautifully laid roads, lush green gardens and amazing monuments takes you to a whole new world, which is unparalleled in terms of architecture and design. From Sukhna Lake to Capital Complex and from Rose Garden to Rock Garden, the city is brilliantly designed to meet up to the international standards. With well maintained roads and traffic, Chandigarh takes you away from day to day chaos of urbane life. To know more about the character of the city, there is no better idea then visiting the place. The writing below helps you by providing more information on places to visit in Chandigarh.

Tourist Attractions In Chandigarh

Leisure Valley
Leisure Valley, one of the major attractions in Chandigarh, attracts every tourist visiting the place. Starting from the Rajendra Park in Sector-1, the green environ of the valley spreads till Bougainvillea Garden in Sector-3. With a clump of beautiful gardens in this area, the place serves as the best stop for picnickers. Annual feast of Chandigarh held during the month of February in the premises of Leisure is an added attraction of this place.

Rock Garden
A trip to Chandigarh is incomplete without exploring the beauty of Rock Garden. Located at Sector-1, between Sukhna Kale and Capital Complex, the garden is dotted with some of the exquisite artwork made from industrial and urban waste. Spread over 12 acres of land, this unique garden truly mesmerizes you by its creativity and innovation. Serving as an open-air exhibition hall, the place is an open book for pioneering ideas.

The Open Hand
The Open Hand, one of the philosophical and spectacular monuments in Chandigarh, beautifully displays the idea of Le Corbusier. Located in Capital Complex, the monument is designed in the form of giant hand, which is 14 meters high. Indicating the direction of wind, the metal hand rotates like a weathercock suggesting the significance of open hand, which conveys the message of peace and unity. What's more, it also serves as an official emblem of the city.

Rose Garden
Rose Garden in Chandigarh is spread over 30 acres of land with nearly 1600 species of roses to the garden's credit. Planted in the beautifully laid grounds, the garden delights you with more than 17000 plants. The garden is not only limited to roses but also serves as the home to many medicinal plants like camphor, bahera, harar and bel. The annual celebration in garden area is a major cultural event of the city, which attracts huge crowd.

Sukhna Lake
Sukhna Lake situated in the foothills of Shivalik range is a beautiful manmade lake. Spread over 3km, the lake was established in the year 1958. The lake was created by damming the Sukhna Choe, a seasonal stream flowing down the Shivalik hills. Today, every tourist of the city visits this lake and spends beautiful time in the midst of admirable serene and cool breeze.

Botanical Garden
With a variety of plants and its lovely surroundings, Botanical Gardens of Chandigarh serves as the attractive picnic spot of the place. Actually the city houses two botanical gardens, one at Punjab University campus and the other is positioned in between Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden. With the huge variety of plants and trees, both the botanical gardens of Chandigarh attracts huge crowd.

International Dolls Museum
International Dolls Museum in Chandigarh is famous for its wide collection of dolls from countries like Russia, Korea, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Netherlands. Situated at Bal Bhavan, the museum acts as a wonderland for children. The section dedicated to India display dolls from different region. Apart from the dolls, another attraction of the place is the toy train. You can pay a visit to the museum on all days except on Sundays and national holidays.