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Want to know the best time to visit the planned city of Chandigarh? Read the article to know more about when to go to Chandigarh.

Best Time To Visit Chandigarh

If you are planning a trip to northern India, then stop-over at Chandigarh to explore the grandeur of India's most well-planned city. Straggling alleys, tranquil lakes, warm affability and an incredible fusion of Punjabi and Haryani cultures make Chandigarh a one-of-its-kind of holiday destination. As you wander aross the streets of the city to explore the unknown and see the unseen, you are likely to stumble on cool cafes, plush supermarkets and glitzy hotels springing out of clean, green avenues that offer a welcoming break from the din and bustle of city life. Dowered with wide boulevards that are decked with lush green trees, a visit to this city helps you get a glimpse of brilliant French architecture. Dotted with so many attractions and idyllic views, the city always remains chock-a-block with visitors and holidayers. To explore the city to its fullest, visiting the place at the right time is very essential. Go through the article to below to know the best time to visit Chandigarh.

When To Go To Chandigarh

Like other North Indian cities, Chandigarh too boasts of extreme weather conditions with extremely hot summers and unbearably cold winters. The summers here begins in March and lasts uptil June, with temperature oscillating between 35oC to 400C. If you visit the place during the summers, then don't forget to pack in enough light cotton clothes and sunscreen lotions. The monsoon here, which lasts from June to August, brings in rampant showers, cool breeze and humid weather. With the temperature shuttling between 25oC to 350C, the rainy season brings in a welcoming relief from the intolerable summer days. Winters, which last from December to February, usually remains cold and foggy.

Best Time To Explore Chandigarh
The best time to visit Chandigarh is during the post-monsoon months of August to November when the climate is fairly moderate. However, if you wish to explore Chandigarh at its scenic best, then hitting the city anytime during September to March will give you enough scope to indulge in its outdoor activities, go for rubbernecking and explore the beauty of the region.

Things To Do
Being a well-planned city, Chandigarh hosts a slew of attractions to woo its visitors. From museums to lush green gardens and from monuments to beautiful serene lakes, the city has everything to suit your taste. Some of the major attractions of the place are Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, Botanical Garden and Capital Complex. Just like its mind-blowing attractions, the glitzy nightlife of Chandigarh is equally enthralling. With a slew of pubs, discos and bars around the city, the nightlife in Chandigarh is truly happening. The next essential part of any trip is shopping. With a wide number of shopping markets, malls and boutiques around, shopping in this place is truly some experience.