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Kolkata, the hub of lip smacking authentic Bengali cuisines and delectable sandesh and rosogollas, is every foodie’s ultimate stop. Explore this article to know more on the cuisines of Kolkata.

Kolkata Food

If you can’t decide between “Kochuri and Alurdom” and “Chinese Chilli Garlic Noodles”, why not get both? Kolkata, the veritable haven of both lip smacking local and tantalizing international cuisines is indeed every foodie’s ultimate stop. From authentic Bengali delights like “Chingri Macher Malai Kari” to yummy “Mughlai Chicken Pulao” to mouthwatering Chinese dumplings and a bewildering variety of Bengali sweets, Kolkata with its delectable array of mouth-watering delights has everything to stun the epicurean in you. The people of Kolkata, just like all other things in their life, are extremely passionate about their food. So, if you are lusting for authentic Bengali food, a trip to Kolkata’s banquet halls and restaurants should leave your taste buds happily satiated. Just grab your plate, bring your appetite and head on to explore the gourmet delights of this old colonial capital and feast your heart out. To know more on Kolkata food and its eclectic eat-outs, read on.

Kolkata Food Guide

Bengali Cuisine

If you wish to savor lip smacking authentic traditional Bengali cuisine, there is no better place than Kolkata to go ahead with your food fest. From local favorites like ‘luchi and cholar daal’ to exotic fish curries and yummy sweetmeats, a traditional Bengali platter is likely to surprise you with its delectable blend of succulent vegetable delights like ‘sukto’, ‘mochar ghonto’, ‘dhokar dalna’, non-vegetarian wonders like ‘bhapa ilish’ and ‘kosha mangsho’ and delicious desserts like ‘misti doi’ and ‘rosogolla’. Aheli at Hotel Peerless Inn, Kewpies at Elgin Lane, Suruchi at Elliot Road and Bhojohori Manna at Ekdalia Road are some of the best places to enjoy authentic Bengali cuisine.

Street Food
When you talk about Kolkata food, you can barely skip the spicy street-side delights like ‘jhaalmuri’ and ‘phuchka’. Just like any other metropolitan city, the streets of Kolkata are flanked with open-air street stalls that offer crispy bhelpuri, golgappas, ghoogni, puri sabji, fish fry, sweet kulfi and lots more. If you wish to relish the roadside-fare, just hop into Dalhousie Square or rush to the AC market in Lord Sinha Road. The papri chaat and batata puri in Camac Street and egg rolls and chops in Russell Street are must-haves for all street-food freaks!

A trip to Kolkata is incomplete without savoring its sweet delights. No Bengali meal is complete without a ladle full of ‘misti doi’ and ‘payesh’. If you wish to taste the authentic Bengali sweet delights like sandesh, rosogolla, patali gurer payesh, misti doi, sitabhog, sharbhaja etc. then just hop into famous sweet shops like Nakur, Mouchak and Ganguram and indulge your sweet tooth. Other recommended sweet shops are Gupta Brothers at Park Street and Hindustan Sweets at Jadavpur Central Road.

Mughlai Food
If you wish to taste exotic Mughlai cuisines, there is no better place than the Mughlai Restaurants in Kolkata to relish the scrumptious Mughal fare. Known for its rich curries, meat and tasty sweets, Mughlai cuisine promises to be the best treat for your taste buds. There are many restaurants in Kolkata that serves best Mughlai tandoori, kebabs and biryani. Some of the popular restaurants are Saffron at Park Hotel, Aminia at SN Banerjee Road and Tarka at New Alipore.

Indian Cuisine
If you thought that Kolkata cuisine was all about Bengali food, you couldn’t be more wrong. Kolkata is the home for true blue food connoisseurs and caters to food lovers from all across the country. From authentic Punjabi to spicy Rajasthani to delectable South Indian cuisines, you are likely to find it all here, though not necessarily under one roof. Regional restaurants cater to many traditional cuisines that make for a scrumptious treat. Sonargaon, situated in the Taj Bengal Hotel is one of the best restaurants that serve traditional Indian food. Other popular restaurants are Kalash at AJC Bose Road and Honey Da Dhaba opposite E.S.I Hospital.

Chinese and International Cuisine
If you wish to taste the best chopsuey, dimsum and szechuan dishes, just hop into China Town at Tangra and revel in authentic Chinese delicacies. Other places to enjoy Chinese cuisines are Flavors of China in Park Street, Jimmy’s Kitchen in AJC Bose Road and Red Hot Chilli Pepper in Ballygunge Circular Road. You can also try out Continental, Thai, Italian and Australian cuisines in Kolkata. Restaurants like Bichitra in Peerless Inn, Waldorf Restaurant at Park Street and La Terasse at Nehru Road dishes out some of the city’s most lip smacking international cuisines.