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The gardens in Kolkata offer a pleasant break from the humdrum of busy city life. Read on the following article to know more on some of the famous gardens in Kolkata.

Gardens in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of Raj-era buildings, commodious bookstalls, charming churches, jam-packed temples and massive monuments, is also the home to many elegant gardens. Famous for its traditional art and colonial architecture, the fascinating and enthralling cosmopolitan city of Kolkata with its teeming lanes, bustling marts, and hectic life, tots up as a perfect example of a busy metropolis. However, it is the lush gardens and the verdant trees that cuts into the monotony of the mundane metropolis life and is believed to function as the “lungs” of the city. Kolkata is dotted with many lush parks and green gardens that add to the natural appeal of the city. Some of the famous gardens of Kolkata are Eden Gardens, Indian Botanical Gardens, Agri Horticultural Garden, Citizen’s Park and Millennium Park. These parks not only stand out for their matchless beauty and lush foliage but also for its unique design and appealing structure. Check out the following section to know more on the famous gardens in Kolkata.

Famous Gardens of Kolkata

Eden Gardens

This is one of Kolkata’s most famous tourist hotspot. Home to the world’s greatest sporting passion, Eden Garden Cricket Stadium, this strikingly laid out garden is beautifully dotted with shrubs and trees with intervening pathways for walkers and joggers. Apart from this, Eden Gardens also houses a large man-made lake and a pagoda bought from Myanmar in 1856 which just adds to its many attractions.

Agri Horticultural Garden
Agri Horticultural Garden, located in Alipore near the famous Zoological Garden, is one of the most flocked gardens in the city. Laid out by William Carey in the year 1820, this garden is the home to a greenhouse, a massive collection of botanical flowers, a research laboratory and a well-equipped library. Lodged in a sprawling estate, this colorful oasis of nature is likely to fascinate you with its regular flower shows, amazing nursery and other seasonal attractions.

Citizen’s Park
Citizen’s Park is one of the recent additions to the gardens in Kolkata. Inaugurated in the year 2005 by famous politician Pranab Mukherjee, this well designed and well maintained park promises to be the ultimate retreat from city hubbub. This park is beautifully embellished with colored lights and fountains that make for an attractive view in the evenings.

Indian Botanical Garden
The botanical gardens of Kolkata are one of the oldest as well as the largest gardens in India. Located 8 kilometers away from the city skirts and perched on the banks of the river Ganges, this garden was established in the year 1787. Home to a variety of perennial trees and a giant size banyan tree, this garden ranks high among the most visited gardens in Kolkata. The garden also has a huge library that houses a great collection of botanical books. With lush green a rare trees and splendid collection of varieties of flowers, Indian Botanical Garden is likely to sway your hearts away.

Millennium Park
Millennium Park is located on Strand Road on the banks of the river Ganges. This beautiful park was inaugurated in the year 2000. Since then, this park has stood up as one the major attractions of the city of Kolkata. A favorite destination for children this garden is indeed the right place to spend a memorable evening with your loved ones amidst natural beauty. With marvelous structure and nature’s poise, Millennium Park is worth a visit.

Outram Ghat
Outram Ghat is one of the most visited riversides in Kolkata. It is situated on the south of Babughat near Howrah Bridge. Outram Ghat is dedicated to Sir James Outram who was a valiant general of the British Empire. Overlooking river Hooghly, Outram Ghat is just the perfect place for joggers and walkers to experience the pleasant morning breeze. This place is also ideal to spend leisure time with your loved ones.

Zoological Gardens
Zoological Gardens in Kolkata is one of the oldest and the largest zoos in India. Situated towards the south of Maidan on Belvedere road, this zoo was founded in the year 1875 and was inaugurated by the Prince of Wales. Different varieties of flora and fauna can be seen in this huge park. You can encounter s a rare collection of trees and plants as well as a vibrant variety of flowers on your visit to this place. This zoo is also the home to a large number of mammals and reptiles including tortoises, monkeys, Bengal tigers, hippos, giraffes, kangaroos etc. The garden is open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays.