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With its exotic line-up of mind-blowing handlooms and handicrafts, shopping in Agartala promises to be a different experience altogether. To know more on shopping places in Agartala, read on.

Shopping In Agartala

The historical city of Agartala, with its rich cultural diversity, beckons every visitor to delve deep into its imperial past with great gusto. Boasting of intriguing tribal customs and traditions, this erstwhile princely state, which served as a home to the majestic Manikya Dynasty, is acclaimed for its unpolluted simplicity and exotic natural splendor. Although the real attraction of Agartala lies in its sprawling heritage complexes and hallowed shrines, shopping in the bustling market lanes of the city is a different experience altogether. From exotic handcrafted artifacts made of cane, bamboo, clay and palm leaves to hand-woven fabrics, this erstwhile princely city have plenty to offer to its shoppers. On your trip to this quaint city, don't skip the chance to hit the busy shopping lanes of Gol Bazaar, Akhaura Road, and Shakuntala Road that forever buzzes with eager sellers and discerning buyers haggling to get the best deals. To explore the main shopping destinations in Agartala, follow the write-up below.

Shopping Places In Agartala

For Handicrafts
Agartala, acclaimed for its exotic handicrafts and handlooms, boast of a unique array of artifacts that cannot to be found anywhere else. The splendor, elegance and attractive designs of these handcrafted wares proudly showcase the creativity and talent of the artisans here. A vast range of products like furniture, table mats, floor mats, partitions, lamp shades and other aesthetic materials can be bought from here at very reasonable rates. Apart from its wooden crafts, the city is admired for its exquisite clay and palm leaves crafts. The ace craftsmanship of Agartala and tribal people has contributed a lot in making their products world-famous. Purbasa, the state government emporium, is the best place to splurge in exquisite handicraft items. Besides this emporium, there are a number of private shops throughout the city, especially in areas like Akhaura Road, Jail Road and Mohanpur, where you can get the best deals on handicrafts.

For Clothes, Accessories And Other Goods
The art of weaving holds a special place in Agartala. Highly influenced by the serenity and traditional lifestyle, the handlooms of Tripura are renowned for their unique combination of contemporary and ethnic designs. The bold color combination and lasting texture of clothes is truly incredible. To get the best bargain on clothes, 'Tantumita' emporium is the best place to go. For people willing to splurge in clothes, accessories and goods in Agartala, places like Akhaura Road and Shakuntala Road are ideal. When talking about shopping in Agartala, the exotic market in Bartala needs to be mentioned. Bartala, being the major commercial hub of the city, the market area offers everything from fancy clothes, music CDs to foot wears and funky accessories. The shopping complexes in the city such as Ghar Sansar in Chittaranjan Road and Bazaar Kolkata on Central Road provide all the necessary things.