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If you are waiting for the best time to make a quick trip to the northeastern state of Tripura, then this write-up will give you deep insight on when to go to Agartala.

Best Time To Visit Agartala

The sleepy, laid-back city of Agartala poses as a perfect vacation spot for the wearied travelers. Beautiful landscape flanked with rows of bougainvillea shrubs and bright yellow laburnum trees outlining the edges of the streets enhance the exteriors of the city. Agartala has a spate of historical and spiritual attractions that are a sheer visual treat for the tourists visiting this place. A trip to the state museum is a must as the depository displays a slew of images, epigraphs and mementos, which reveal tons about the royal legacy of the state. While you are in the region, do take some time off to familiarize yourself with the local tribal culture, which is a fusion of both Manipuri and Bengali traditions. Dance and music is important to the local people here. The 'Basanta Raas' is a delightful dance form performed by the Manipuri folk with great poise and grace and is a must-see attraction of this place. To know more about when to go to Agartala and explore its many attractions, scroll down the article below.

When To Go To Agartala

Agartala has a humid subtropical climate with hot, wet, clammy summers and brief, balmy winters. Summers in the capital are extremely muggy and hot with temperatures zooming up to 330C during extreme summer months of March to June. The city receives rampant rainfall from July to October that intensifies the level of humidity in the region. Winters in the city sets in during mid-October and lasts until February. The temperatures during this time drops down to 180C.

Opting For Your Favorite Seasons
Agartala has long, hot summers and short, pleasant winters. The bright, cheerful, sunny days are good enough to fill one with expectations. But, don't get carried away by the good summer cheer as the dark grey clouds tend to usually dampen your spirits unexpectedly. So, ensure to carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the harsh sunrays as well as the intermittent showers. Although the summers here last from March to June, you can feel the summer heat even during the monsoon months of July and August when the city is pelted with constant showers. Monsoon in Agartala intensifies during August and September. Towards mid-October, monsoon showers begin to subside and the winter chills sets in the city by November. The landscape of the city becomes more splendid with cool misty breeze and lush green hills adding to its scenic splendors. Winters in Agartala are the best time to make a visit as the weather is ideal for sightseeing during this time.

Best Time To Visit Agartala
The best time to visit Agartala is anytime during the winter months of October to February. As the temperature hits a slump, the natural beauty of the city comes alive. During this season, the city is hoarded with tourists flocking to this place to experience a slice of north-eastern culture. The winter months holds a number of festivities. Since, music and dance is an essential part of the local tribal community here, the celebrations in the region is usually marked by traditional folk dance and songs. Some of the festivals that every tourist should experience during winters are the Orange festival, Diwali and the famous Durga Puja, which is celebrated with grand pageantry of events.