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History of Maharashtra is full of gallant warriors like Shivaji. Have a detailed peek into the history of Maharashtra from early ages to post-independent era.

History of Maharashtra

The history of Maharashtra is filled with tales of courage and valour; just like the string of rulers who ruled over this land. The colorful history of the land is the reason for the rich culture and traditions which are important part of the society today. When you start to date the history of the state of Maharashtra, the first archeological discoveries date back to the 3rd century BC, when the land was under the rule of Asoka as a part of the Mauryan Empire. Due to the presence of the Bombay port, the state was subjected to immense amount of trade and commerce activities since the early days. In later years, Bombay became Mumbai, and became the financial capital of India. Read on further to know the complete history of the state.
Once the formation of the states was finalized the state government started work on development and growth of the state of Maharashtra. Many economic policies were drafted which accelerated the overall growth and development of the state.