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Goa's climate is warm and humid throughout the year because of its coastal location. Read on to find out more about the weather and when it is worth visiting the state.

Goa Weather

Climate: Tropical/Coastal

Annual Rainfall: 3000mm.

Goa's climate is warm and humid throughout the year because of its coastal location. Although the state is typically in the tropical zone, it has more of a coastal climate. The hottest month in the whole year is during May with soaring temperatures that touch up to 35-40C. One can expect high levels of humidity combined with the heat, as Goa is a prime coastal state. Climatic relief comes with the monsoons in the months of June and July and gives a pleasant break from the scorching heat. The position of the state puts Goa at an advantage, with occasional thunderstorms and a full blast of the monsoon season. This usually lasts till late August or September. Following the monsoon, a chilly, arid climate sets in and usually lasts up to February in Goa. This is a favorable time to visit the state because of all the lush greenery and cool temperatures. The best part about the weather of Goa is that there are no extremities when it comes to climatic conditions.

Goa witnesses some of the hottest months during the summer season. From March to May, Goa is extremely hot with a maximum temperature crossing 35C. Since Goa is situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea, the cool sea breezes reduces the average minimum temperature to 25C. Mornings are usually hot and humid and the evenings are a little more congenial with moisture coming in from the sea. Generally, May is recorded as the hottest month in Goa.

The monsoon season begins from late June and lasts till early September. During this period, the state witnesses maximum rainfall. The parched fields transform into blankets of lush greenery around the state. July and August are recorded as the two months with the highest precipitation levels. Heavy winds and water jamming are also common during the monsoon.

Autumn is generally a wet month in Goa as it marks the end of the monsoon period. As a prelude to the incoming winter, the temperature dips to around 25-30C during this season. The days are humid due to the heat but the nights are relatively cooler and pleasant with a minimum temperature of 20 C. The autumn season starts from October and lasts till mid-November.

Common to most parts of tropical India, the best period to visit Goa is during the winter season. The maximum temperatures during winter are 25C and the minimum temperature is around 18C. The weather is most affable during this season and is best for water activities/sports, which is why during this season Goa experiences a peak in tourism till the end of winter in February.

Months Average high (C) Average Low (C) Rainfall (mm)
January 31.6 19.6 0.2
February 31.5 20.5 0.1
March 32 23.2 0.2
April 33 25.6 11.8
May 33 26.3 112.7
June 30.3 24.7 868.2
July 28.9 24.1 994.8
August 28.8 24 512.7
September 29.5 23.8 251.9
October 31.6 23.8 124.8
November 32.8 22.3 30.9
December 32.4 20.6 16.7