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Goa is one of the most celebrated spots for tourism. If you would like to know more about the places to see in Goa, read on.

Tourist Attractions In Goa

Tourism and Goa are synonymous. Goa has been listed as one of the 'Top 10 Hottest Destinations' by a lifestyle magazine. Tourism is the main source of income for the state, and why not? Goa promises its sightseers an endless stretch of sand, tranquil waters, piquant food and of course the vibrant, festive aura. Goa has always had a strong, positive impact on the people who have visited the state. Goa is known for its countless beaches, nightlife, and also some of the most popular monuments such as the Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Augustine's Church and St. Francis of Assisi. Whether you would like to explore the mysteries of the deep sea at Calangute Beach or you are just planning to go on a lazy vacation with your loved ones, Goa promises a lot more than just a busy coastline and offers you fun and endless surprises in the form of the different places worth visiting..

Places To See in Goa

Goa is situated 'cheek by jowl' with the Maharashtrian border, particularly the Konkan districts and is nestled by the Arabian Sea. One of the main reasons, why tourists swarm this state from all over the world is because of the multitude of beaches. There is always something to do for all people on these beaches. Be it sunbathing, water-sports, attending a beach festival or just busying yourself with the countless 'shacks' and flea markets situated on the beach. Goa's long stretch of sandy coastline adds to the state's beauty and is the best place to catch all the action. If you want to try water sports, Baga and Calangute Beach are two of the many beaches offering the best deals in water-sports. If you want to hang out with the hippies, you could go to Candolim, Patnem or the Vasco beach.

Monuments & Forts
There are a number of monuments and forts to see in Goa. If you are done with the beaches and you are looking for entertainment of a different kind, why not explore the Old, Portuguese-influenced Goa? Here, you will find yourself surrounded by a handful of imposing churches and cathedrals. Most of these edifices now stand as testaments to the fascinating repertoire of Old Goa's monuments and history. Some of the most interesting monuments in Goa are the Convent and Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Basilica of Bom Jesus and St. Augustine's Church. Some of the important forts in Goa are the Anjuna Fort, Fort Aguada, Viceroy's Arch, Reis Magos Fort, Alorna Fort and the Amanthe Fort and Dam.

Goa is not only famous for its beaches and derelict Portuguese monuments. The state is skirted by the Western Ghats, which also happens to be the home to a wide array of bird and animal species. Around 20% of Goa's total wildlife can be found in the many sanctuaries in this state. There are however, two main sanctuaries that are absolute must-visits. One is the 'Bhagwan Mahivir National Park' and the other is 'Cotigao National Park'. The sanctuaries are also home to mighty, gushing waterfalls such as the Dudhsagar Falls, which is flocked by tourists on a daily basis. Eco-friendly accommodations are provided by the 'Goa Tourism Department' if you are looking to stay in any one of these sanctuaries during your tour.

Flea Markets
Flea markets are a common sight in Goa and are a great way to spend time if you have nothing else to do! These flea markets are in every literal sense, proper flea markets, where you can buy almost anything, for throwaway prices. The Anjuna Flea market is held every Wednesday from morning to evening, except during the monsoon season. Most beaches in Goa play host to over 500 stalls and more. Here, you will find a huge assortment of goods for cheap prices. The Arpora Flea Market is another popular market, not far from Calangute beach, which is also famous for entertainment, nightlife and food.

Some of the most prominent tourist attractions in Goa are the plantations such as the spice plantations around Ponda. Spice farms around Goa are open all through the day to visitors, where tourists can take a stroll around the plantations, buy fresh spices and then end the day with a perfect, traditional spicy meal. Some of the most acclaimed spice plantations in Goa are the Savoi Plantation, Sahakari Spice Farm, Abyss, Tropical Spice Plantation and Pascol Spice Village. Accommodation and elephant rides are available at most of the plantations for the convenience of sightseers.

Goa will always be on the list of top destinations for all those seeking the perfect holiday, packed with action, adventure, relaxation, parties, fun and surprises. People travel from far and wide to this small state to experience the diverse mix of activities and to witness its rich cultural and historical heritage. If you are travelling to Goa this year, make sure you visit the places mentioned above for a complete holiday.