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This article takes you back to when it all started. Goa is known for its rich heritage and Portuguese colonization. Read on to find out more about its fascinating past.

History of Goa

The origins of the beach capital of India date back to the 3rd century BC. Having been colonized by the Portuguese for several years, the remnants of the lost culture have seeped their way through into the lifestyle, architecture and even the food of Goa. The history of this state has been a fascinating subject for historians over the years as the state grew under the blanket of different oppressive rulers and dynasties. During this time, Goa became a part of the 'Mauryan Empire'. There have been various Hindu mythological inferences to how the state came into being. According to the mythology, Lord 'Parashuram' (A reincarnation of the Lord Vishnu), shot an arrow into the sea and commanded the sea to retreat, so that he could make his kingdom in the area the arrow landed. This formed the region of Konkan, in the southern region of Govarashtra, which is now known as Goa.

Early History
Portuguese colonization
The Fall of the Portuguese - Post independence
Since Independence, Goa has prospered in various fields and is growing at exponential rates in their various industries at the same time retaining essences of the Old Goan-Portuguese love affair. Even though Goa is an extremely small state, it has managed to become one of the most important states in the development of the country as a whole.