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Goa has an exciting, diverse culture; and is one of the most popular states in India. Read on to know facts about their culture and the reasons why people get mesmerized by this state.

Culture of Goa

Goa is absolutely one of a kind in India. The culture of the state is an amalgam of Portuguese and Konkan culture. Goa is a very laid back, chic state with lots of Bohemian influences to it. It was colonized by the Portuguese in the early 16th century and still manages to retain its essence. The state is also known as the "Rome of the East". Over the past few decades, Goa witnessed a sharp rise in the tourism industry, with domestic and foreign nationals swarming the state for a relaxed holiday. It is the official national 'hotspot' in India, and has risen to impeccable international standards. The culture of Goa is unique in its own sense and is unlike any other in the Asian subcontinent. The people of Goa like to laze around, enjoy and 'soak in' the good things in life. Goans are passionate about their food, music, religion and most importantly, their local drink; Feni.

Arts and Crafts
Although the local arts and crafts are nothing extraordinary, you will find one-of-a-kind pieces in Goa if you are lucky. Traditional coconut carved works and jute macrame crafts have earned quite a name in the state. There are a lot of shops that sell artifacts made out of sea shells, handpicked by fishermen in the coastal regions. Contemporary bamboo arts and crafts can also be found in local flea markets along with other brass ware. Traditional pottery and terracotta have high demand from international tourists for the exquisite hand work that goes into making them with local, Konkani designs. Apart from that, mediocre items such as pots, baskets, ashtrays and candle stands can be found made out of wood and jute.

Goa does not only play techno, trance and house music. Apart from the raving nightlife, free style dancing and unique techno compositions, they have quite a variety of traditional dances themselves, inspired by religions, the Portuguese and the Dutch. The traditional dances mirror the lifestyles and the cultures of the Goans, and take you decades back in the times when the Portuguese still ruled. Some of the popular folk dances are Dhalo, Dekhni, Fugdi, Shigmo, Kunbi and the Lamp dance. The happy blending of cultures in Goa makes it easier for people to respect the different dance forms which give a unique character to the arts.

Goa is probably the only state in India that has a conglomeration of traditional classical and western music. There is whole new world in terms of music in the state of Goa. Goa has some of the finest Hindustani classical performers such as Kesarbai Kerkar and the Mangeshkar family. Apart from the traditional hues, Goa is steeped in a whole new world of trance and houses some of the best trance and electro music in India.

The Portuguese brought the violin, the piano and the mandolin to Goa which then went on to popular throughout the country. There are different instruments used and there are traditional Konkani and religious songs famous all over the state such as Dekhni, Dulpod, Duvallo, Mando and Fughri. Over the years Goa has blended their music with the Europeans and world famous bands such as the 'Goa Amigos' were initiated in the state. The state is extremely famous on the music scene, and has been the birthplace for a lot of Goan psychedelic trance and the dubstep. Top DJ's from all over the world come to Goa for the much-talked-about, infinite party scene.

Goa has a unique race of people with varied backgrounds. This allows them to appreciate every person in the state and respect them all the more. The people are extremely amicable and love to 'mingle'. It is this sort of nature that has put Goa on the forefront of tourism and international success. People believe that they are "Goans" first, with religion following in as second. They are harmonious, life-loving people with an unavoidable magnetism.

Goa is well known for its literature and its love affair with the printed world. The Goan arts and literary festival held in the state is an important platform for all Goan writers and other live wires to take part in a mesmerizing event filled with knowledge and the love for reading. Some of the big names related to Goan literature are Philip Furtado and Lino Leitao for short stories.

One will be able to see a beautiful blend of religions in this state. Though Goa is primarily a Christian state, majority happen to be the Hindus. The Portugal rule has left a Christian dominated aura behind and most of the infrastructure in the state is built in that style. It is the only place in the country where you can find all people, however religious they may be, co-existing harmoniously.

Fairs and Festivals
After music, Goa is known for its fairs and festivals. Apart from the usual Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Holi and Good Friday, there are countless other small festivals that add to the good cheer and spirit of the state. The Shigmo festival, beach bonanza and the Carnival are celebrated in a lot of pomp and style. People, young and old take part in the Carnival and the Shigmo festivals.

Goa is the land of great variety and was also the epicenter for the Portuguese. It is much like the jewel in the crown in India. It's a great place to be at any point of time, during any season, whether it's just for having some fun or for sheer business purposes.