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Here is information regarding Wimbledon Prize Money 2008 including Men's Singles, Ladies' Singles, Men's Doubles, Ladies' Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

Wimbledon Prize Money

The prize money for Wimbledon championships 2008 would be £11,812,000, awarded by All England Club to all participants. The table given under deals with the Wimbledon prize money associated with Men's Singles Winner, Men's Singles Runner-up, Ladies' Singles Winner, Ladies' Singles Runner-up, Men's Doubles Winners, Men's Doubles Runners-up, Ladies' Doubles Winners, Ladies' Doubles Runners-up, Mixed Doubles Winners and Mixed Doubles Runners-up.

A Glance at Prize Money

2008 2007
Total Prize Money £11,812,000 £11,282,710
Men's Singles Winner £750,000 £700,000
Men's Singles Runner-up £375,000 £350,000
Ladies' Singles Winner £750,000 £700,000
Ladies' Singles Runner-up £375,000 £350,000
Men's Doubles Winners £230,000 £229,000
Men's Doubles Runners-up £115,000 £111,440
Ladies' Doubles Winners £230,000 £222,900
Ladies' Doubles Runners-up £115,000 £111,440
Mixed Doubles Winners £92,000 £90,000
Mixed Doubles Runners-up £46,000 £45,000