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Here is brief profile of the Indian Table Tennis Federation

Table Tennis Federation of India

Established in 1937 in Calcutta, the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) is the central body for the administration and promotion of table tennis in India. It was originally named as All India Table Tennis Association (AITTA). During its establishment, four state associations were affiliated to it. The federation was rechristened to TTFI after India gained independence from the British rule. With the objective of promoting and upbringing the standard of table tennis in India, TTFI has been putting earnest efforts in managing the game in the country.

Due to the remarkable management of table tennis in India, TTFI has earned name and success, over the passing years. The federation has grown in size and boasts of giving affiliation to a number of state associations. In the present time, almost all the state associations of table tennis are members of TTFI. Apart from the state associations, TTFI also has institutional members, including the Indian Railways, Petroleum Sports Promotion Board and Bank Sports Board. The federation also has a vast network of district associations, each of which has proved to be remarkably functional.

The Table Tennis Federation of India has taken a number of initiatives to popularize the game among Indians. For the purpose, TTFI has organized numerous competitions for table tennis at national level. Coaching camps are also organized by the federation, so that more and more sports enthusiasts take up the sport as their profession. The members of the federation, both state associations and institutions, have also played their part in promoting the game. Institutional and inter unit table tennis championships are organized by them, thus serving the purpose.

The members of TTFI have also provided employment to various youngsters in the country, who are enthusiastic in taking up table tennis as their profession. Most of the players registered to TTFI are serious competitors, aspiring to make it big in the sport. The registered players have been regularly participating at national and international table tennis, to display their talent in the game. They are given rigorous training, so that they perform well at the events and bring laurel to the country.

With a good grasp of the technique of playing table tennis, the players of the game are engaged in participating in competitions organized by various clubs, schools and offices. The TTFI has taken strenuous effort to coordinate the thousands of scattered units, clubs and places where table tennis is played. It is remained instrumental in raising the standard of the game in the international scenario. Over the passing years, the table tennis players have improved their skills and have been fully utilizing the opportunities provided to them by the TTFI, in order to compete at competitions held at various levels.