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Famous Indian Swimmers

For a long time, professional Indian swimmers have been mere pushovers in the international swimming competitions. Barring a few exceptions, including Khazan Singh's silver medal at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games, no Indian swimmer has been able to earn laurels for the country since quite a long time. India's pathetic show in competitive swimming can be attributed to a lack of scientific training methods and inadequate infrastructure. Lack of motivation is another factor that drives only a few people to take up swimming as their profession, because other games like cricket, soccer, lawn tennis have been dominating the sporting scenario of the country, for the past many decades.

However, such persistent mediocrity does not indicate towards a paucity of swimming talents in India. The country has produced some fine long-distance swimmers like Mihir Sen and Bula Chowdhury, who have registered their names among the famous swimmers in India, by conquering high seas in distant corners of the world. Due to their exceptional talent to swim across vast water bodies, they have managed to gain recognition both at the national and the international level. Nonetheless, the Swimming Federation of India still has to take earnest efforts to improve the standard of the game; otherwise, majority of the professional Indian swimmers will continue to languish at the rock bottom.