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Get interesting information on the history & origin of DLF Indian Premiere League.

IPL History

Cricket has always been like a religion for this country. It is seen as more than just a game. The players are considered as demigods and literally worshipped. The Twenty20 format of cricket created history. After the Twenty20 format of cricket was introduced to the world, cricket has just been overflowing out of everyone's ears, its all about cricket.

Indian Premier League's origin is quite interesting. It all started when Lalit Modi, the Vice President of the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) envisioned the Indian Premier League. It is created along the lines of club football in Europe, specifically the English Premier League. IPL has been launched in response to the rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL) launched by Zee Group.

The DLF Indian Premier League is an amazing occurrence in whole of cricket history. The Indian Cricket Board approved it a few months back. It is seen as a very good opportunity as far as the entertainment industry is concerned. The format of Twenty20 cricket has emerged as a phenomenon after the Twenty20 World Cup was won by India and since then people have been totally immersed into it. There is no doubt where the Indian Premier League is headed, as far as viewership and profits for everyone associated with it is concerned.