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Hockey in India

Appointed as India's national game, hockey has its roots well laid in the Indian soil, during the time of Imperial rule. Introduced by the British regiment, the game soon became a favorite sports activity in India. Gradually the masses even took to the liking, thus increasing the popularity of the game. The first hockey club was founded in the 1885-86 in Calcutta. Soon after, similar clubs started in Bombay (present day, Mumbai) and Punjab as well. However, it was the Olympic Games at the 1928 Amsterdam Games that gave the much-needed boost, as India recorded a smashing victory in its debut game only. A win at the 1928 Amsterdam Games was just a start to the revolutionary future ahead.

During the heydays of Indian hockey, the national team called the shots in major sporting events, annihilating opponents with utter disdain. A record win of six straight Olympic gold medals, created from 1928-56 has till today been an unbreakable record, thanks to the legendary players like Balbir Singh, Dhyan Chand, Dilip Tirkey and so on. During this golden era of hockey in India, Indian players were rapidly asserting themselves in the world stage. The forming of Indian Hockey Federation (IHF), as the central administrative body, strengthened the game in the country. Today, hockey is one of the most popular and loved sports in India. In this section, we have provided all the necessary information about hockey in India.