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Famous Indian Athletes

During the heyday of Indian athletics, athletes like Milkha Singh made the nation proud, by giving their best performance year by year. Notwithstanding the lack of proper infrastructure and facilities, he toiled hard to emerge as one of the most outstanding athletes of his time. Another successful athlete is PT Usha, who was regarded as the queen of Indian track, during peak of her success. Anju Bobby George is one of the prominent names in the field of athletics in India. Apart from being a famous sports personality in the country, she has managed to gain worldwide recognition. One of her noted achievements is the bronze medal, which she won for long jump at the 2003 World Championships in Paris.

Except for the few exceptions, Indian athletes have been mere pushovers in International competitions. While track events have witnessed legendary figures, other athletics events have been bereft of quality talents in India, for quite a long time. The present crop of Indian athletes, despite better facilities and exposure, has consistently failed to do well at the big stage. In the face of the glaring lack of promising athletes, the authorities should strive to tap the talent pool at the grassroots level.