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Given here are wedding party favor ideas. So check out unique wedding party favours.

Wedding Party Favors

Wedding party is a special occasion to thank your loved ones for their blessings and support. Make your guests feel special about the occasion by giving out unique wedding party favors, as a token of love, affection and sincere gratitude for accepting your invitation and coming to grace the most important day of your life. The wedding party favors will make them realize that they are respected and cared for and also how thankful you are to them for being an important part of your 'special day'. Go through the following lines to get some ideas for wedding party favors.

Wedding Party Favor Ideas

Aroma Candles
Spread the aroma of scented candles in your guests' home, by giving them aroma candles as your wedding party favor. You may pick mid-sized aroma candles with unique shapes, for the purpose.

"Thank You" Tags
Presenting decorative tags, with 'Thank You' written on them is a wonderful way to extend your sincere gratitude for your invitees, for accepting the invitation to grace such an important occasion in your life.

Crystal Long Stemmed Rose
Crystal long stemmed red rose is an attractive gift item. It serves both as a keepsake and a party favor. The beauty of the present would clearly convey your happiness to your invitees, for accepting the invitation to your wedding.

Personalized Salt and Pepper Shakers
Simple though, salt and pepper shakers can serve as a perfect gift item, to adorn the dining table of your guests. They would appreciate your thoughtfulness, if you personalize the party favor. You may attach a 'thank you' sticker on the shaker, to customize it.

Compact Mirrors
Compact mirror is a wonderful addition in the vanity bag. Hence, it could serve as the perfect party favor for women. In case of men, you may opt for the design (for the frame of the mirror) that is not too feminine.

Steel Cufflinks
Worn by both men and women, steel cufflinks makes a useful addition in the formal wardrobe. Give your guests a pair of steel cufflinks, which they would definitely appreciate.

Pen Sets
Pen sets is a nice gift for all, irrespective of the age. Assort the pen sets, depending upon the age group of the invitees. For instance, pens with funny shapes can be the best bet for children, whereas executive pens would be a nice gift for the working lot.

Tote Bags
Tote bags can be given as a favor to your guests, who have attended your wedding party. You may choose small sized tote bags made of denim, canvas and jute and fill them with chocolates, candy bars and other sweet treats.

Beach Favors
Beach favors like flip-flops, personalized beach towels, sunscreen lotions would be the best favors, in case you have thrown a beach-theme wedding party for your loved ones.